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Where can I find 2019-2020 state estimates and 2018-2020 substate estimates?

The 2019-2020 state estimates and 2018-2020 substate estimates are no longer available for download.

Although these products were initially released in 2022, later analyses showed that 2020 estimates cannot be pooled or combined with other data. This is because of major changes in survey mode (i.e., web versus in-person data collection) caused by the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic. That is, in 2019 data collection was exclusively in person, but in 2020 most respondents answered via the web. People answer differently in person and via the web, both because different people answer the survey and because they think about the questions differently in the different contexts. This is called a mode effect.

The mode effect is not the same across different groups. As a result, comparing averages that include both 2019 and 2020 data does not produce valid results. The differences are not consistent across measures, so they cannot be accounted for with weighting.

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