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The Grantee Data Technical Assistance (GDTA) program provides technical assistance (TA) for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) discretionary services grantees and project officers on the collection, management, and utilization of data. Designed to improve accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of grantee data, GDTA promotes the use of data to improve practice, program design, and policy development.


What We Do

The GDTA team conducts needs assessments to ascertain project officers’ and grantees’ TA needs and creates TA trainings and products to address these needs. Grantees and project officers may request TA and access tools, resources, and online courses through the GDTA website.  The GDTA team delivers TA through phone, emails, online courses, instructor-led virtual classrooms, learning communities, and onsite as needed.

Online Learning Center

The GDTA Online Learning Center provides SAMHSA project officers and grantees with an array of training opportunities designed to promote best practices in data collection, management, and utilization. The Online Learning Center is a convenient web-based resource that allows participants to browse and enroll in courses offered either on-demand or in live instructor-led environments on topics such as data collection, follow-up, and utilization.


Grantees and project officers will have access to webinars on pertinent data topics. Once the webinar is over in real time, they will remain accessible via a link to the recorded webinar.

Newsletters and Brief Highlight Guides

The GDTA Newsletter communicates directly with all grantees and project officers to keep them informed about upcoming events, emerging news, success stories, and new publications related to data quality.

The Brief Highlight Guides provide transparent, appropriate, and informative communication to grantees and project officers related to improving the quality of data within the Agency’s grant programs. The Brief Highlight Guides explain why data matters and illustrate how to use data to tell your story.

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Last Updated: 04/03/2015