Boston: Drug-Related Emergency Department Visits, 2004-2011 - All Visits

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Excel file with estimates, rates, relative standard errors, trends and confidence intervals for all drug-related emergency department (ED) visits in the Boston metropolitan area, covering 2004-2011. File includes all drug-related ED visits that are reportable to DAWN without regard for the reason for the visit or the specific drugs involved. It includes visits involving all forms of drug misuse or abuse plus visits resulting from adverse reaction, accidental ingestion, suicide attempts, and visits where patients were seeking detoxification services. These estimates are useful for looking at overall levels of drug involvement in ED visits.
File includes data for over 500 drugs, including illicit drugs, prescription and over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, inhalants and alcohol. Includes total visits, gender, age group, race/ethnicity, outcome of visit, drug combinations, number of drugs involved in visit, drug frequency, and drugs confirmed by toxicology.
Additional detail is provided for illicit drugs, psychotherapeutic drugs, central nervous system (CNS) drugs, respiratory drugs and cardiovascular drugs.

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