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Quality Assessment of the 2014 to 2019 NSDUH Public Use Files


Explore the data quality of the 2014-2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) Public Use Files (PUFs) and its comparability with the NSDUH Restricted Use Files (RUFs). This report demonstrates the overall quality of the NSDUH PUFs and the statistical disclosure control techniques used to create them.


  1. Describes NSDUH and lays out the objective of the report.
  2. Presents an overview of the NSDUH disclosure concerns, briefly discusses the disclosure technique known as Micro Agglomeration, Substitution, Subsampling, and Calibration (MASSC), and provides a summary of this study’s quality assessment and research methods.
  3. Discusses how some of the detailed tables based on RUF data were selected and replicated using PUF data.
  4. Describes the data quality assessment results and findings.
  5. Summarizes the conclusions.

There are also five appendices that support the analysis further.

A previous report analyzed the PUF data from 2002-2013.

Publication Date:
March 1, 2023
Collection Date:
Report Type:
Reference Material

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