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Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS): 2018 Admissions To and Discharges From Publicly-Funded Substance Use Treatment


This report presents national- and state-level data from the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) for admissions and discharges occurring in 2018, and trend data from 2008 to 2018. It summarizes demographic information and the characteristics and outcomes of treatment for alcohol and/or drug use among clients aged 12 years and older in facilities that report to individual state administrative data systems. Data include records for treatment admissions and discharges that were received and processed through November 18, 2019.

TEDS records do not represent individuals; rather, each record represents a treatment episode. Thus, an individual admitted to treatment twice within a calendar year is counted as two admissions. Similarly, discharges during the year, regardless of when the admission occurred, are counted.

TEDS does not include all substance use treatments. It includes treatment admissions and discharges at facilities that are licensed or certified by a state substance abuse agency to provide care for people with a substance use disorder (or facilities that are administratively tracked for other reasons). In general, facilities reporting TEDS data are those that receive state alcohol and/or drug agency funds (including federal block grant funds) for the provision of alcohol and/or drug treatment services. Additional information on the history and methodology of TEDS and this report, as well as important issues related to state data collection systems, are available in Appendix A.

Publication Date:
October 30, 2020
Collection Date:
Report Type:
Annual Report

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