Trends in smoking among adults with mental health problems. (SR9)

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"Although various national data sources have determined that rates of cigarette use have gone down over time this has not been assessed among those with mental health problems. Using NHIS data, we will estimate cigarette use over time among adults with serious psychological distress and adults without psychological distress. NHIS data will be used because of the ability to assess long term trend. That is, psychological distress and cigarette use can be assessed in NHIS from 1997 to 2011. In addition, we will discuss the NHIS estimates in the context of NSDUH data demonstrating that NSDUH also indicates higher rates of cigarette use among those with psychological distress and/or mental illness using 2005 to 2011 data. Furthermore, a discussion of the comparisons of NHIS and NSDUH mental health measures will be included. "

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