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Augusta-Waterville, ME

Drug-related deaths reported to DAWN 17
Drug-related suicide deaths reported to DAWN 3
Metro area population, 2010 121,107
Population covered by DAWN 121,107
Percent of population covered by DAWN 100%

Metro area overview: Deaths and population by county, 2010
County Drug-related Drug-related suicide Population
Deaths Rate Deaths Rate
Total participating (1) 17 14.0 3 2.5 121,107
1. Kennebec County, ME 17 14.0 3 2.5 121,107

End Notes

1. Drug-related deaths exclude suicides.
2. All death rates are per 100,000 population.
3. An asterisk (*) signifies that a small number of deaths was suppressed to protect privacy.
4. A dash (-) represents a blank cell.
SOURCE: Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, SAMHSA, Drug Abuse Warning Network, 2010.

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