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Learn how to measure program performance, anticipate the changing needs of disaster survivors, and develop strategies to improve services.

Ongoing evaluation of your Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP) helps ensure efficient and effective delivery of CCP services. It also shows program sponsors that the services are being delivered as planned and benefiting disaster survivors.

Program evaluation refers to systematic efforts to collect, analyze, and interpret information about the delivery or outcomes of interventions. It should address three critical performance areas:

  • Program reach: How many people did the CCP reach and what were their characteristics?
  • Program quality: Did disaster survivors and providers find the services to be appropriate and beneficial?
  • Program consistency: Did program performance differ across areas or provider organizations? If so, can these differences be explained by population or other differences?

Regularly communicating evaluation results to CCP staff is crucial, as it can prompt discussions on strategies for improving program services.

The four sections of the Guide for Evaluating Your CCP (Version 4.2), accessible below, will help you train CCP staff about ongoing program monitoring, evaluation of program data, and the use of the data collection forms.

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