Train Your CCP Staff

Learn which trainings are required for your Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP) staff and how to ensure training is effective.

In-person Trainings

CCP managers must plan ahead for training their CCP staff. This includes finding meeting space and qualified trainers. This information should be included in your CCP application.

Often, personnel from other assistance and disaster relief agencies are invited to attend trainings to learn about program services and the CCP model.

Trainers can access materials, recommendations, and other CCP trainer resources.

The following in-person trainings are required for the Immediate Services Program (ISP) and Regular Services Program (RSP):

CCP managers also must submit quarterly and final reports to their state, territory, or tribal government. Learn more about CCP reporting.

Online Training for Program Managers and Staff

To prepare state and subcontracted local-level organizations for managing a CCP, the online CCP Management Training Course provides program administrators and managers with an overview of key concepts and suggestions for program planning as a complement to the CCP Program Guidance and ISP and RSP supplemental instructions.

SAMHSA DTAC also offers various online training tools for CCP staff. For training on how staff document CCP services, access CCP data forms and training.

In special cases, staff may be directed to complete “Just in Time” Web-based Training. This online training provides staff with a brief overview of the CCP model and its services in special cases when in-person training is not yet available.

CCP Training Videos

To help crisis counselors build essential CCP skills, SAMHSA DTAC developed four training videos demonstrating counseling scenarios. View the videos to watch how counselors build a relationship with survivors, see the human element of the data collection process in the field, and learn how to prioritize the provision of support and resources through your grant.

Individual and Family Encounter Training Video

Learn about individual and family crisis counseling encounters and watch an example counseling session.

Group Crisis Counseling and Public Education Training Video

Learn about how to effectively lead group crisis counseling encounters and public education sessions.

Mobile Data Collection App Training Video

Learn how to use the mobile data collection app during individual and family encounters and watch an example counseling session.

Adult and Child Assessment and Referral Training Video

Learn how to use the Assessment and Referral Tools in the mobile data collection app and watch an example counseling session.

Stress Management Techniques, Healthy Coping Strategies, Breathing Exercise

Learn more about the importance of self-care and boundaries between survivors and outreach staff and practice a stress-relieving breathing exercise.

Crisis Counseling Skills

Learn about crisis counseling skills such as active listening and watch a role play that provides tips on working with angry survivors.

Last Updated: 11/14/2019