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SAMHSA is committed to improving prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for mental and substance use disorders.

The Evidence Based Practices Resource Center provides communities, clinicians, policy-makers and others with the information and tools to incorporate evidence-based practices into their communities or clinical settings.

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The CDC Learning Connection and CDC TRAIN provide a range of public health courses and training opportunities related to opioid issues.

This tool consists of frequency of use questions to identify risky substance use by adolescent patients. The accompanying resources assist clinicians in providing patient feedback and resources for follow-up.

This guide helps clinicians influence the change process in their clients by incorporating motivational interventions into substance use disorder treatment programs.

The goal of this guide is to review the literature on treating substance misuse and substance use disorders in the context of first-episode psychosis, distill the research into recommendations for practice, and provide examples of the ways that these recommendations can be implemented by first-episode psychosis treatment programs.

This toolkit gives practice principles for integrated treatment for mental illness, substance use disorders, or both, and offers advice from successful programs.


Last Updated: 10/09/2019