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Faith-Based Coalitions and Collaborative Partnerships

Learn about faith-based coalitions and collaborative partnerships around the country.

From 2010 through 2013, SAMHSA convened Community Leaders and Interfaith Summits. At these summits, teams of faith and community leaders discussed developing a framework for community partnerships in response to community behavioral health issues. As an outgrowth of the summits, the following coalitions and collaborative partnerships were formed and are now active.

Atlanta, GA – Community Health Interfaith Partnership (CHIP)
Contact: Ethelware Carter, or Mary Wilson,
A network of community and faith-based organizations advocating for and educating the public about the needs of those with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

Birmingham, AL – Birmingham Recovery Network
Contact: Sandor Scheka, or Danny Molloy,
A resource referral network of organizations that engage churches and high schools in responding to behavioral health issues.

Milwaukee, WI – Families Moving Forward
Contact: Rochelle Landingham,
A collaboration promoting the development and expansion of a comprehensive service network for families and individuals in need of behavioral services.

New York, NY – New York Recovery Coalitions
Contact: Dale Wallace-Thompson, or Steve Hunt,
A coordination collaboration for the boroughs of New York City. The mission is to educate consumers and the public about the harmful effects of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS, and to act as a resource to support people in recovery.

Oakland, CA – Powerfully United Resources Effectively (PURE)
Contact: Lola Holeman,
A collaborative network of community and faith organizations focusing on the elimination of drugs, education of communities, and eradication of violence.

Washington, DC – We Connect
Contact: Katitia Pitts,
Advocacy, training, and technical assistance are available from this resource development network consisting of substance abuse and mental health agencies.

Boston, MA – Boston Grassroots and Faith-Based Community
Contact: David Wright,
A collaborative of faith and community organizations along with state representatives with the mission of developing the ROSC model for a comprehensive system of care in partnership with the faith-based community.

Chicago, IL – Chicago for Behavioral Health and Wellness
Contact: Albert Orsello, or Rex Alexander,
A collaborative of community, faith, and state representatives addressing the behavioral health needs of families with an emphasis on youth violence prevention.

Columbus, OH – Faith and Community Leadership Partnership
Contact: Jill Frost,
A state driven coalition of community and faith-based organizations developing statewide coalitions to serve people impacted by mental health and substance abuse issues, with a specific focus on addressing health disparities.

Jackson, MS – Mississippi Community Leaders and Interfaith Partnerships
Contact: Sheba Borden, or Karen Lee,
A collaborative of faith and community organizations and state representatives developing a clearinghouse for recovery support resources in partnership with faith-based organizations to expand their capacity to address behavioral health needs.

Southern, NV – Southern Nevada Holistic Health
Contact: Derrick Caroll,
A training and technical collaborative focusing on consumer access to behavioral health and HIV/AIDS services.

Tulsa, OK – Education, Engagement, and Experience (E3)
Contact: Jim Rutherford,
A collaborative of community and faith-based organizations with the mission of mobilizing the community and faith-based organizations about substance abuse and mental health issues.

Louisville, KY – Community of Well-Being
Contact: Tomy Molloy, or Jackie McComb,
A coalition aiming to increase awareness of mental health and substance abuse needs, as well as resources available to address those needs, and to decrease the stigma associated with mental health and substance abuse.

Wilmington, DE
Contact: Patricia Evans,
A community partnership with faith-based organizations to address substance abuse treatment and recovery needs.

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Faith-Based Commission for Behavioral Health
Contact: Terrence Edwards,
An advocacy collaborative engaging the faith-based community in the improvement of mental and addictive illnesses.

Burlington, NJ – Community Partnership Project of New Jersey
Contact: Hilda Covington,
A collaborative between faith-based organizations and recovery support service providers with the mission to build the capacity of faith and community organizations to address behavioral health needs in New Jersey.

Honolulu, HI – Ohana Services Network
Contact: Daniela Newman,
A collaborative of community and faith-based organizations with the mission to reduce substance abuse, mental health problems, and homelessness in Hawaii while providing the community with the knowledge needed to lower the stigma attached to the success of these individuals.

Los Angeles, CA – Korean Churches for Community Development
Contact: Hyepin Im,
A collaborative of Asian Americans with the mission to advance the Asian American community’s participation, contribution, and influence through faith-based and community partnerships.

Hartford, CT – The Healthy Families and Communities Coalition
Contact: Fernando Morale,
A coalition focused on developing the capacity of small, faith-based and community organizations in Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven that have access to and close connections with targeted community. The organizations selected must provide services to minority communities or are prepared to expand services to strengthen the continuum of related services in response to the target populations.

Indianapolis, IN – Central Indiana Recovery Support Coalition
Contact: Rhiannon Edwards, or Nate Rush,
A collaborative of community and faith-based organizations with the mission to increase effective intervention for persons with mental health and addiction disorders through education, early intervention, and access to the appropriate integrated services in central Indiana.

South Bend, IN – Michiana Substance Abuse Coalition
Contact: Joe Hooten
A collaborative of community faith-based organizations creating a comprehensive continuum of care for those suffering from substance abuse throughout Michiana. The goal is to lead those people into reintegration into society and self-sufficiency.

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City Substance Abuse Treatment Recovery Support Coalition
A forty-member coalition of state, community, and faith-based stakeholders and recovery support providers. The mission of the coalition is to raise community awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues, create an internal and external web-based recovery hub, implement city-wide recovery events, and expand Missouri Recovery Support Specialist training.

North Tulsa, OK
Contact: Melvin Cooper,
A community and faith-based network of organizations providing quality behavioral health services. The services are designed to enhance family life and encourage individuality while reaching underprivileged individuals and at-risk children in Tulsa and surrounding neighborhoods.

Last Updated: 04/19/2019