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988 Partner Toolkit

SAMHSA recognizes the need for governments, states, territories, tribes, crisis centers, and partners to speak with one voice to ensure there is a clear understanding about what 988 is and how it will work. We encourage you to use these communication outreach materials and build upon them with your community coalitions to meet the needs of your specific audiences.

Need Support Now?

If you need suicide or mental health-related crisis support, or are worried about someone else, please call or text 1-800-273-8255 or visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s chat to connect with a trained crisis counselor.

These key messages are designed to cover the basics of 988 and provide a strong foundation from which partners can build for their audience-specific needs.

Preparing for full 988 implementation requires a bold vision for a crisis care system that provides direct, life-saving services to all in need. This leads to many questions about the transition to 988 and how 988 will work. We at SAMHSA welcome these questions. Question topic areas are:

Printable PDF handouts in English and Spanish explain the basics about 988.

The 988 brand embodies the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline's ideals and goals. Used as intended, the 988 brand provides a cohesive look and feel across 988 materials.

This 988 Logo and Branding provides specific information on logo and branding use and guidelines, typography and icon styles, photo choices and the color palette.

SAMHSA is providing this sample e-newsletter template to help partners with engaging your communities around the transition to 988.

Product: Sample E-Newsletter Promoting 988 Resources for Implementing Partners

Target Audience: Partner organizations and professionals who are preparing for transition to 988.

Timeline: Pre-July 16, 2022

Subject Line: Preparing for 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Download E-Newsletter Template (DOC | 395 KB)

Download Suggested Logo (JPEG | 365 KB)

988 Banner with logo and woman looking out of window

These Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) scripts to promote 988 within communities are designed to be read on-air by DJs and other radio talent. In the future, SAMHSA may provide pre-recorded audio files for use as well.

Products: 60-second, 30-second, 15-second scripts

Target Audiences: General public awareness of 988

Timeline: For airing on radio after July 16, 2022

988 Radio Public Service Announcement Scripts

This 988 Powerpoint Presentation Deck is available for partners to customize and use when talking about the transition to 988 within communities around the country.

988 Powerpoint Presentation Deck Cover Page

These 988 operational guidance documents were created with a co-sponsorship group of partners across critical working sectors involved with 988. The playbooks are published by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors.

Convening Playbook Cover Pages

Printable Materials

Expected Date: June

  • Wallet Cards
    • General 988 Call to Action
    • Signs Someone Needs Help
    • Stress Reduction Tips and Techniques
    • Safety Plan
    • What You Can Do to Help A Person You Care About
    • Signs of Suicide
  • Magnets

Social Media/Digital Shareables

Expected Date: Early July

Many of these materials will be created for use across multiple platforms both as animations and static graphics, and as stories, threads and individual items. Other items will continue to be added based on priority due to partner demand:

  • What is 988?
  • What Happens When I...
    • Call?
    • Text?
    • Chat?
  • 988 Works. There is Hope
  • What’s 988 For?
  • Social Media versions of the Wallet Card content

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