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988 Logo and Branding


The 988 brand embodies the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline's ideals and goals. Used as intended, the 988 brand provides a cohesive look and feel across 988 materials.

Use the accordions below to learn about the specific elements of using the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline logo and brand and to download logo files.

The clean geometry and typographic design of the lockup provide balance, sensitivity, and strength. The ‘988’ and ‘Lifeline’ elements are boldest; they advance in space and project an instant message of hope.

In both horizontal and square forms, the lockup is designed to mark 988 communications with the assurance of support. The lockup must be used without modification to maintain brand integrity and consistency. Care should be taken to provide enough contrast for lockup legibility.

The 988 color palette offers complementary colors that speak of hope, calm, and reassurance. The interplay between contrasting cool and warm colors hints at natural emotional rhythms. In addition, each hue is presented with two lighter tints for use when a color’s full strength is not needed.

Note: Text color-contrast ratios should always comply with Section 508 guidelines.

988 Branding Color Palette

These typographic options give a fresh and authentic tone to 988 messaging.

  • Futura (and its stylistic variation, Futura PT Heavy) is a classic geometric typeface that delivers an inviting sense of structure for content titles and primary headings.
  • Acumin, an equally modern, narrower sans serif face, provides a clean and consistent feel for body text.
  • Daniel Black is a handwritten-style typeface that conveys sincerity, especially when used for key messaging.

When producing materials, use the typefaces suggested if available to you; if they are not available to you, we suggest Arial as a standard default, as it is generally platform-agnostic.

Futura PT Heavy H1, Acumin Pro Condensed Black H2, use Arial when Acumin is unavailable

Images for 988 materials should portray real people, living day-to-day, reflective and hopeful at the same time, without going too far in either direction. Photos should be people-focused, with limited background distractions. For example, images showing people using mobile devices concentrate focus on the individual interactions with the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

In selecting photography, strive for diverse representations of age, race, and gender fluidity, and avoid the use of black and white imagery, which can feel too heavy given the subject matter.

The below images that incorporate the 988 brand logo are available for partner use so long as they are used with the 988 branding.

With a warm, minimalist illustration approach, icons in the 988 identity communicate concepts wordlessly. The icons can be used in a variety of sizes in any 988 product and add a touch of visual interest.

Download the icons (ZIP | 26 KB)

Batch view of all 988 icons

Combining visuals with text helps with comprehension. A clean icon style and color accents direct attention to points of interest in a web page, fact sheet, slide deck, and other materials. These pairings can be effective tools for drawing focus to specific aspects of a message.

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