Trauma-Informed Response Trainer Listing

Search for trainers in your area who teach the GAINS Center trauma response course for criminal justice professionals.

The GAINS Center offers a one-day training on trauma-informed responses for criminal justice professionals. To find a trainer who teaches this course in your area, select your state from the map or the drop down list.

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Contact: Sheila Bratton, Project Director
Organization: Fathers' Support Center
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-333-4170

Contact: April Cayce, President/CEO
Organization: Places for People
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-535-5600

Contact: Beverly Foote, Corrections Case Manager
Organization: St. Louis County Justice Services
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-615-5765

Contact: Marlena Holmes, Women's Counselor
Organization: Queen of Peace Center
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-531-0511

Contact: Michael Kramer, Corrections Case Manager
Organization: St. Louis County Justice Services
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-615-7240

Contact: Aaron Laxton, Director of Community Relations
Organization: Criminal Justice Ministries
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-881-6013

Contact: Sean Marz, Director of Training and Technical Assistance
Organization: Alive and Well Communities
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-898-4049

Contact: Amy McKinney, MacArthur Case Manager
Organization: Department of Justice Services
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-614-5696

Contact: Lori McKinney, Case Manager
Organization: Center for Women in Transition
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-544-5573

Contact: Holly Nemec, Community Engagement Liaison
Organization: Behavioral Health Response
State: Missouri
Phone: 314-308-8248