Trauma-Informed Response Trainer Listing

Search for trainers in your area who teach the GAINS Center trauma response course for criminal justice professionals.

The GAINS Center offers a one-day training on trauma-informed responses for criminal justice professionals. To find a trainer who teaches this course in your area, select your state from the map or the drop down list.

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Contact: Shawna Taylor
Organization: TCI
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Cari Taylor
Organization: Division of Community Corrections (DCC)
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Je'Leslie Taylor
Organization: Division of Adult Institutions (DAI)
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Theresa Theisen
Organization: Region 5
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Erin Thorvaldson
Organization: DOC Reentry Unit
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Matt Torbenson
Organization: District Attorney's Office
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Mary Triggiano, Judge
Organization: Courts
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Penny Vogt
Organization: Region 2
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Andrew Wagner
Organization: MPD - Sensitive Crimes Advocate
State: Wisconsin

Contact: Jason Wells
Organization: RYOCF
State: Wisconsin