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WY Discretionary Funding Fiscal Year 2014

Center: CMHS

Grantee: UPLIFT
Program: Statewide Family Network Program
State: WY
Grant Award Number: 5 HR1 SM061354-02
Congressional District: At large
FY 2014 Funding: $70,000
Project Period: 2013/07/01 - 2016/06/30

UPLIFT, a statewide non-profit organization for families of children with special health care needs, will continue its work to advance Wyoming's system of care for children's mental health through expansion of their organizational infrastructure, leadership capacity, and youth leadership activities. UPLIFT's Family Support Program will strengthen its infrastructure development activities to increase their capacity to assist families and youth to participate in activities and policy development related to children's mental health by: 1) Strengthening organizational and relationships between families, youth, state and local agencies and service providers, 2) Fostering leadership and business management skills to move toward organizational financial sustainability, and; 3) Identifying and addressing technical assistance needs of project staff, families, youth, and service providers to enhance their skills in becoming system change agents.

Center: CSAP

Program: DFC
State: WY
Grant Award Number: 5 H79 SP017004-05
Congressional District: At large
FY 2014 Funding: $125,000
Project Period: 2010/09/30 - 2015/09/29

The goals of the Coalition are: (1) establish and strengthen collaboration among Substance Abuse Advisory Council's partner organizations in support of the community's effort to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth; and (2) reduce substance abuse among youth in Campbell County, WY, and, over time, reduce substance abuse among adults by addressing the issues in our community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse.

The Coalition will achieve its goals by implementing these strategies:

(1) Partner with existing community meetings or events to capitalize on meeting attendance and outreach to community members and parents.
(2) Increase Coalition participation from the small rural communities outside of Gillette, with a focus on the Wright community.
(3) Develop a leadership team proposal and Coalition policies with full participation and approval from the SAAC.
(4) Support social norms marketing campaign in two junior high schools in Gillette.
(5) Coordinate DARE Parent Prevention Nights with parental text messaging program.
(6) Assess athletic and activity codes of the Campbell County School District and Gillette College.
(7) Promote locking up prescription medications and other potentially harmful substances and items through media campaign and partnership with local pharmacies.
(8) Hold a community-wide prescription drug disposal day (Rx Roundup Event).
(9) Conduct 2010 Operation Storefront Study: Evaluation of point-of-sale tobacco advertising and promotions.
(10) Conduct Tobacco Advertisement Teardown Project, in cooperation with local youth.
(11) Conduct Got IT-Wyoming Tobacco Retailers Education and Awareness Program.
(12) Conduct community social norms marketing campaign to address the issue of adults providing alcohol to minors.

Program: Drug Free Communities Support Program
City: CODY
State: WY
Grant Award Number: 5 H79 SP018858-03
Congressional District: At large
FY 2014 Funding: $125,000
Project Period: 2012/09/30 - 2017/09/29

The coalition w i l l achieve its goals by implementing these strategies (1) formalizing the organizational structures of PCCASA to more effectively support, strengthen, and sustain the coalition's work to prevent and reduce substance abuse among Park County youth; (2) reducing 30-day use of alcohol among middle and high school students in Park County; (3) have appropriately administered reliable and valid collection tools in place to better detect and document the use of prescription drugs among Park county youth; (4) limit the availability of illicit prescription drugs by implementing strategies to reduce access to them and by promoting use of the strategies by Park County residents.

Program: SPF-PFS II
State: WY
Grant Award Number: 3 U79 SP019420-01S3
Congressional District: At large
FY 2014 Funding: $150,000
Project Period: 2012/09/30 - 2015/09/29

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