The Southeast Asia HIV-Addiction Technology Transfer Center (SEA-HATTC) will build capacity and increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the regional workforce through training, technical assistance, technology transfer and dissemination, and sustainability assurance strategies. Organizational support, technical expertise and mentoring will be provided by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and Hanoi Medical University. SEA-HATTC will assess and address the HIV and addiction treatment workforce needs in SE Asia, with special focus on Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and China. Cultural distinctions among the regional population require attention and cultural sensitivity to establish a workforce capable of addressing the significant SUD and HIV needs. A UCLA and UCSD team will provide relevant training/technical assistance (TA) activities on evidence-based treatment practices, recovery support services, justice involved substance users, integration of services, peer recovery and community programs. SEA-HATTC will deploy well tested and proven strategies consistent with SAMHSA's mission -innovative training, dissemination, TA, implementation support, and fidelity maintenance strategies to develop an infrastructure adequate to integrate culturally relevant science and person-oriented practice. Program goals include: 1) identify key stakeholders and build collaborative relationships in related system development activities; 2) develop a strategic plan that assesses current workforce needs and leverages existing resources; 3) utilize innovative tech transfer strategies to promote the adoption of, evidence-based, practices and prepare the workforce to meet their unique needs; and 4) participate in network-wide activities to support and promote the adoption of evidence-based practices, recovery-oriented systems of care and educational standards across the ATTC Network.

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