The urgent need to prevent and treat substance use disorder and mental illness in the United States demands an increased focus on the distribution and adequacy of the workforce offering behavioral health services. This project will address these data challenges by using both traditional and novel data sources to build a comprehensive database that will allow SAMSHA to better understand the available supply and practice location of prescribers, counselors, and peer specialists in relation to an innovative mapping of population need for BH services. To meet this project's goal, we will complete the following objectives: 1. Use federal and state data sets to build the foundation of a comprehensive database of MH/SUD practitioners, which can be analyzed and updated annually. 2. Improve accuracy of data on MH/SUD practitioners' location, demographics, salary, and likelihood of being in practice through additional data collection and analysis. 3. Gather data on MH/SUD shortage areas and other measures of local need. 4. Provide analysis to SAMHSA on extent to which efforts are needed to expand MH/SUD professionals and extent to which existing numbers are sufficient. 5. Provide rapid analysis to SAMHSA and collaborate with HHS as requested.

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