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These resources provide additional information about block grants.

Community Mental Health Services Block Grant (MHBG) Resources

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG) Resources

Data Resources

  • Behavioral Health Barometer, 2013 — Presents a set of substance use and mental health indicators from population- and treatment facility-based data sets. Provides point-in-time and trend data reflecting the status and progress in improving key behavioral health indicators.
  • Data, Outcomes, and Quality (DOQ) — Is a mental health and substance use data, outcomes, and quality resource. Includes data compilations of Behavioral Health Prevalence Data (NSDUH), National Outcomes Measures (NOMs), Treatment Data (TEDS), and other data sources.

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Block Grant Application and Plan

Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Block Grant Application and Plan

FY 2016-17 Block Grants Resources

Syringe Services Program Guidance for States and Jurisdictions

Summary Data reports from FY 2013-2018 MHBG and SABG Block Grants

FY 2014-15 Block Grants Resources

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