Continuation Grants

Find instructions and forms for completing your SAMHSA continuation grant application. Grantees must submit continuation applications through the eRA system.

IMPORTANT: SAMHSA has transitioned to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s electronic Research Administration (eRA) grants system. Going forward, SAMHSA will process all grant award actions through the eRA System. The Non-Competing Continuation application can only be initiated and submitted through the eRA System (submissions directly through are not supported).

WATCH: A resource video on how to submit a Non-Competing Continuation

This effort requires the approved Program Director/Project Director (PD) to be registered in eRA Commons. Additional information on the eRA Commons registration process for the PD is available at Instructions for SAMHSA Recipients Commons ID (PDF | 76 KB)

Recipient (grantee) notification from eRA of access to continuation application

The Business Officials and the Project Directors will receive email notifications from eRA (sender: era-notify). Grant-specific details will be included in these notifications. Continuation applications should be submitted in January.

Sample email:

From: era-notify
To: Business Official; Project Director
Subject: SAMHSA Non-Competing Continuation Application Due for (Grant Number: H79SP0xxxxx)

Grant Number: H79SP0xxxxx
Upcoming Support Year: x
Application Type: Non-Competing Continuation
Application Due Date: 01/xx/2018
PD/PI: Doe, Jane
Organization Name: (Name of Organization)
Grant Program: (Program Class Code)

Your Non-Competing Continuation application for the project referenced above is due on 01/xx/2018. The Non-Competing Continuation application can only be initiated through the eRA Commons and submitted through ASSIST (submissions directly through are not supported).

Please log in to Commons to initiate the application preparation and submission process. In order to submit your application, you will need to be properly registered in and have an active registration, as you will be required to enter your Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) credentials in ASSIST in order to complete the submission process and your organization registration will be validated.

If you have any questions, please consult the eRA Service Desk Web Page. If you have additional grants management related questions, please contact your assigned Grants Management Specialist.

Additional Guidance

  • Review the following documents, then log into the eRA Commons to initiate the application process:

Attachment A: Continuation Application Process

Attachment B: Electronic Submission through eRA Commons

Attachment C: Power Point slides for grantees/recipients

  • Contact the eRA service desk webpage for any technical questions regarding the submission process.
  • Contact your assigned Grants Management Specialist with budget and grant-specific questions.

Additional Forms

The following forms may be required as part of the continuation application package:

Sample Budgets

Below are sample budgets that can be used to prepare your detailed budget and narrative justification:

Drug-Free Communities

Drug-free Communities (DFC) recipients should review the guidance for DFC and DFC Mentoring Continuation Grants

Last Updated: 12/21/2017