Non-Competing Continuation Application

Continuation applications are due no later than February 4, 2020.

Recipients must submit a continuation application before SAMHSA can issue an award to fund the next budget period of the project.

An email notification from eRA (sender: era-notify) regarding the continuation application submission will be sent to the Business Official and Project Director. Grant-specific details will be included in these notifications. A copy of this notification can be found on the “Status Information” page in eRA Commons.


  • ​​Continuation applications are for the upcoming budget period; therefore, do not include any carryover or supplemental funding associated with the current budget period.
  • If you are in the final budget period of your project, a continuation application is not required.
  • The continuation application can only be initiated and submitted through the eRA Commons system. You will need to have an active registration; submissions directly through are not supported and will not be accepted.

Additional Guidance

Additional Forms to Include in Your Submission

Note: In eRA Commons, click "Add Optional Form" and select "Other Narrative Attachment" to upload the additional forms noted below:

SF-424A for Continuation Applications

The following documents provide guidance on completing the SF-424A Form – Budget Information for matching and non-matching programs:

Sample budgets that may be used to prepare the detailed budget and narrative justification:

NOTE: Documents to be uploaded in the "Budget Narrative" tab in eRA Commons:

  • Detailed Budget and Narrative Justification, OR
  • Attestation Letter (Signed by the Authorized Organization Representative – AOR)

Drug-Free Communities

Drug-Free Communities (DFC) and Drug-Free Communities Mentoring (DFC-M) are not required to submit a Continuation Applications for the FY 2020 funding cycle at this time. Please disregard any prior notices received regarding the continuation application submission. More information on a new process is forthcoming.



  • eRA Service Desk for any technical questions regarding the application submission process.
  • Grants Management Specialist for budget-related questions.
  • Government Project Officer for programmatic questions.
Last Updated: 01/17/2020