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Promoting the Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care: States

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Short Title: PIPBHC-States
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Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

NOFO Number: SM-24-003

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Application Due Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: 93.243

Intergovernmental Review (E.O. 12372): Applicants must comply with E.O. 12372 if their state(s) participates. Review process recommendations from the State Single Point of Contact (SPOC) are due no later than 60 days after application deadline.

Public Health System Impact Statement (PHSIS) / Single State Agency Coordination: Applicants must send the PHSIS to appropriate State and local health agencies by application deadline. Comments from Single State Agency are due no later than 60 days after application deadline.


The purpose of this program is to (a) promote full integration and collaboration in clinical practices between physical and behavioral health care; (b) support the improvement of integrated care models for physical and behavioral health care to improve overall wellness and physical health status; and (c) promote the implementation and improvement of bidirectional integrated care services, including evidence-based or evidence-informed screening, assessment, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and recovery services for mental and substance use disorders, and co-occurring physical health conditions and chronic diseases through integrated care. State recipients are expected to partner with qualified community programs, health centers, rural health clinics, or Federally Qualified Health Centers to develop and implement an integration program plan. With this program, SAMHSA aims to improve the health outcomes for persons with behavioral health conditions by supporting the adoption and improvement of integrated care models for behavioral and primary physical health.


Eligibility for this program is statutorily limited to a State or appropriate State agency. Appropriate state agencies include the State Mental Health Authority, the Single State Agency (SSA) for substance abuse services, the State Medicaid agency, or the State Health Department. Applicants must collaborate with one or more qualified community programs, as described in section 1913(b)(1) of the PHS Act (including community mental health centers, child mental health programs, psychosocial rehabilitation programs, and mental health peer-support or consumer-directed programs); one or more health centers [as defined in section 330(a)]; one or more rural health clinics (as defined in section 1861(aa) of the Social Security Act); or one or more Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) (as defined section 1861(aa) of the Social Security Act).

Award Information

Funding Mechanism: Grant

Anticipated Total Available Funding: $6,000,000

Anticipated Number of Awards: 3

Anticipated Award Amount: $2,000,000 per year

Length of Project: Up to 5 years

Cost Sharing/Match Required?: No

Award Information: Proposed budgets cannot exceed $2,000,000 in total costs (direct and indirect) in any year of the proposed project. Annual continuation awards will depend on the availability of funds, grantee progress in meeting project goals and objectives, timely submission of required data and reports, and compliance with all terms and conditions of award.

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