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Special Conditions of Awards for Behavioral Health Disparity Impact Statement (DIS)

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New DIS Guidance

SAMHSA requires all grant recipients* to prepare a Behavioral Health Disparity Impact Statement (DIS) as part of a data-driven, quality improvement approach to advance equity for all, to identify racial, ethnic, sexual and gender minority populations at highest risk for experiencing behavioral health disparities as part of their grant projects, and to align with Presidential Executive Order 13985: Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Under Served Communities Through the Federal Government.

Implementation of the new DIS will begin immediately for all grants awarded beginning September 30, 2022. For grants awarded prior to this date the grantee may work with their Government Project Officer to determine the most appropriate DIS to submit.

The following resources can be used as references and guidance when preparing the new DIS for each grant program type: services, infrastructure, and training and technical assistance.

Content requirements and submission date(s) may be found in the Notice of Award (NOA). For grant specific or additional guidance, contact your Government Project Officer (GPO) identified within the Contracts section of the NOA.

*SAMHSA uses the terms “grant recipients” and “grantee” interchangeably.

Disparity Impact Statement (DIS) Resources

Original Disparity Impact Statement Examples

For Grants awarded prior to September 30, 2022

Last Updated

Last Updated: 10/27/2022