No-Cost Extension Requests

Grantees may request an extension of up to 12 months on their project or program. A no-cost extension is to ensure completion of the originally approved project or program, or to permit an orderly phase-out of a project or program that will not receive continuation support.

Recipients may submit a prior approval for a one-time no-cost extension (NCE) request beyond the project period end date. A NCE of up to 12 months, with no additional federal funds may be granted for a federally supported project based on one of the following situations:

  • To ensure completion of the originally approved project goals.
  • Permit an orderly phase-out of a project that will not receive continuation support (i.e. the project is in its last budget year and has not received a continuation award).

SAMHSA will not approve any requests for additional funding, or authorize changes to the project scope or objectives (such as new positions or new services), with a NCE request. SAMHSA will not approve a NCE request if the primary purpose is to permit the use of an unobligated balance (UOB) of funds.

Based on the nature, extent, and timing of the request, the SAMHSA GMO may approve, deny, or request additional material to further document and evaluate your request. Only responses provided by the GMO are considered valid. If SAMHSA approves the request, an amended Notice of Award (NoA) will be issued. Verbal authorization is not approval and is not binding on SAMHSA. Recipients that proceed on the basis of actions by unauthorized officials do so at their own risk, and SAMHSA is not bound by such responses.

A request for a NCE must be submitted 60 days prior to the end of the project period.

The Prior Approval No-Cost Extension Request must include the following:

In addition to the information and supporting documentation described above, remember to follow the steps for submitting a prior approval request.

Sample budgets are provided for your reference:

  • An explanation as to why project or program goals were not completed during the award project period.
  • The requested duration of the NCE. The time frame requested cannot exceed 12 months. The request must reflect the number of months it will take to reasonably complete the remaining work, and is subject to SAMHSA review.
  • Identification of the remaining program goals will be accomplished during the NCE period.
  • The estimated amount of remaining funding that will be used during the NCE.
  • A revised SF-424A (PDF | 317 KB) line item budget, and budget narrative for the remaining budget for the period of the NCE. The budget must reflect only activities related to the remaining project goals that were not completed during the award project period. (To ensure a timely review, the budget should follow the formatting requirements outlined in the Funding Opportunity Announcement).
  • The HHS Checklist (PDF | 220 KB)
Last Updated: 12/04/2018