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Application Tracking After Submission


System Validations and Tracking

After you submit your application, the application will first be validated by You will receive a notification that your application is being processed. You will receive two additional e-mails from within the next 24-48 hours (one notification email will confirm receipt of the application in, and the other notification email will indicate that the application was either successfully validated by the system or rejected due to errors). It is important that you retain this tracking number. Receipt of the tracking number is the only indication that has successfully received and validated your application. If you do not receive a tracking number, contact the help desk for assistance.

If identifies any errors and rejects your application with a “Rejected with Errors” status, you must address all of the errors and resubmit. If there are no errors, will allow the eRA system to retrieve the application and check it against its own eRA Commons validations. If you use ASSIST to complete your application, you can validate your application and fix errors before submission. If no errors are found, the application will be assembled in eRA Commons. At this point, you can view your application in eRA Commons. It will then be forwarded to SAMHSA.

Warnings vs Error Notifications

If problems are found during the eRA Commons validation, you will receive a System Error and/or Warning notification.There is a distinction between System Errors and System Warnings:

Warnings — If you receive a Warning notification, you are not required to resubmit the application. The reason for the Warning will be identified in the notification. As the application was successfully received by SAMHSA, it is at your discretion to choose to resubmit it.

Errors — If you receive an Error notification, you must correct and resubmit the application before the due date and time.

Do not assume that if your application passes the validations that it will successfully pass eRA Commons validations and received by SAMHSA. You must check your application status in eRA Commons to ensure that no errors were identified. It is critical that you allow for sufficient time to resubmit the application if errors are detected.

You are responsible for viewing and tracking your applications in the eRA Commons after submission through to ensure successful submission. Once you can access your application in the eRA Commons, be sure to review it carefully as this is what reviewers will see.

System or Technical Issues

If you encounter a system error that prevents you from completing the application submission process on time, the BO from your organization will receive an email notification from eRA Commons. SAMHSA highly recommends contacting the eRA Service Desk and submitting a web ticket to document your good faith attempt to submit your application and determining next steps. See Submitting Your Application for more information on how to contact the eRA Service Desk.

If SAMHSA does not receive your application by the application due date as a result of a failure in the SAM,, or NIH’s eRA Commons systems, you must contact the Division of Grant Review within one business day after the official due date at: and provide the following:

  • A case number or email from SAM,, and/or NIH’s eRA system that allows SAMHSA to obtain documentation about the cause of the error.

SAMHSA will consider the documentation to determine if you followed and NIH’s eRA requirements and instructions, met the deadlines for processing paperwork within the recommended time limits, met NOFO requirements for submission of electronic applications, and made no errors that caused submission through or NIH’s eRA to fail. No exceptions for submission are allowed when user error is involved. Note that system errors are extremely rare.

Resubmitting a Changed/Corrected Application

When resubmitting an application after revisions have been made, ensure that the Project Title is identical to the Project Title in the originally submitted application (i.e., no extra spacing) as the Project Title is a free-text form field. In addition, check the Changed/Corrected Application box in #1.

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