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Writing and Completing Your Application


Information is provided on the standard application components and other supporting documents needed to complete your application.

Required Application Components

After downloading the required application components and completing the registration processes, the next step is writing and completing the application. All files uploaded with the application MUST be in Adobe PDF file format. Directions for creating PDF files can be found on It is important to carefully review the requirements for formatting and system validation.

Standard Application Components

Applications must include the required standard application components listed in the table below. There is a description of each required component, and a link for each document.

Several application components are related to developing the Budget and Narrative.

This form must be completed by applicants for all SAMHSA awards.

The names and contact information for Project Director (PD) and Business Official (BO) must be entered on the SF-424 form.

  • The PD must have an eRA Commons account and their Commons Username must be entered in field 4. Applicant Identifier; and the PD’s name, phone number and email address must be entered in Section 8. APPLICANT INFORMATION: item f. Name and contact information of person to be contacted on matters involving this application. The PD listed in the SF-424 must match the PD in the Personnel Costs section in the budget.
  • The BO name, title, email address and phone number must be entered in the Authorized Representative section fields on page three of the SF 424. The organization mailing address is required in section 8. APPLICANT INFORMATION item d. Address.

Read this reference material on Entering SF-424 Contact Information on the SAMHSA Grant Application.

All Notice of Awards (NoAs) will be emailed via NIH’s eRA Commons to the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI), and the Signing Official/Business Official (SO/BO).

Where to find: SF-424 (Application for Federal Assistance) Form

Description: This form collects information on the physical location of the site(s) where work funded under this announcement will be performed. The address cannot be a P.O. Box.

Where to find: Project/Performance Site Location(s) Form

The abstract should be no more than one page and include the following:

  • project name,
  • population(s) to be served (demographics and clinical characteristics),
  • strategies/interventions,
  • project goals and measurable objectives,
  • the number of individuals to be served annually and throughout the lifetime of the project, etc. In the first five lines or less of your abstract, write a summary of your project that can be used, if your project is funded, in publications, reports to Congress, or press releases.

The Project Narrative is your response to the Evaluation Criteria. You must attach the Project Narrative file (Adobe PDF format only) inside the Project Narrative Attachment Form.

You must include a detailed Budget Narrative in addition to Budget Form SF-424A. In preparing the budget, adhere to any existing federal award or agency guidelines which prescribe how and whether budgeted amounts should be separately shown for different functions or activities within the program. The budget justification and narrative must be submitted as file name “BNF” when you submit your application into

Where to find: Application Forms and Resources

Description: You must read the list of assurances provided on the SAMHSA website and check the box marked ‘I Agree’ before signing the first page (SF-424) of the application.

Where to find documentSF-424 B (Assurances for Non-Construction) Form

Description: Federal law prohibits the use of appropriated funds for publicity or propaganda purposes or for the preparation, distribution, or use of the information designed to support or defeat legislation pending before Congress or state legislatures. For SAMHSA to determine whether or not your organization participates in lobbying activities, a signed copy of the SF-LLL form must be submitted." If your organization does not participate in lobbying activities, indicate “Not Applicable” on the form.

Where to find document: Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (SF-LLL) Form


Supporting Documents

In addition to the required Standard Application Components, the following supporting documents are necessary for the review of your application. Supporting documents must be submitted as attachments. For each of the following application components, attach each document (Adobe PDF format only) using the Other Attachments Form in ASSIST, Workspace, or other S2S provider.

Important Documents to Review

In preparing your application it is critical to review the following documents:

Every applicant must have a completed HHS 690 form (PDF | 165 KB) on file with the Department of Health and Human Services.


Obtaining Paper Copies of Application Materials

If your organization has difficulty accessing high-speed internet and cannot download the required documents, you may request a paper copy of the application materials.

Contact the Division of Grant Review at for additional information on obtaining paper copies.

Additional Resources

See Application Forms and Resources for additional materials you can use to complete your application. If you are a first-time applicant, it is recommended that you review the manual on Developing a Competitive SAMHSA Grant Application (PDF | 1.1 MB).

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