SAMHSA’s Enrollment Initiatives and Research

SAMHSA has enrollment and outreach programs to help ensure that people with behavioral health disorders benefit from the new health insurance environment.

SAMHSA supports targeted enrollment and outreach efforts to help ensure people with behavioral health conditions are able to benefit from the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid.

The Enrollment Coalitions Initiative is a partnership between SAMHSA and nearly 40 national behavioral health organizations. SAMHSA has organized the national organizations into five groupings called coalitions:

  • Mental Health and Substance Use Providers
  • Prevention Organizations
  • Housing Support and Homeless Services
  • Peer, Consumer, Family, and Recovery Organizations
  • Criminal Justice Organizations.

Each coalition works together to develop training and resources that will help community-based organizations and professionals explain the new health care law and encourage uninsured individuals to apply for coverage.

Getting Ready for the Health Insurance Marketplace

The first resource that SAMHSA developed for the orientation and education to the Health Insurance Marketplaces was a series of toolkits to help organizations develop outreach strategies to educate consumers about the Health Insurance Marketplace. Participants in SAMHSA’s Enrollment Coalitions Initiative provided crucial input and support in the development and dissemination of this initiative.

Each toolkit is composed of three sections:

  • A description of the health care law, how it works, and why it is important for uninsured individuals with behavioral health conditions
  • An explanation of how the Health Insurance Marketplace works, how to apply for health coverage, and where to get help
  • Communication ideas and materials from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that groups can use to create awareness and motivate uninsured individuals to enroll

Useful resources and materials can be downloaded directly from each toolkit, including articles, brochures, fact sheets, presentations, videos, posters, cards, outreach messages, flyers, widgets, and social media resources. Many of these materials are available in multiple languages and customized for specific population segments, such as different ethnic or racial groups. Organizations can choose which will be most helpful for the uninsured individuals they serve.

Each coalition helped to adapt the basic toolkit materials to target its core audience; six versions are available:

Financing Research and Data

SAMHSA serves as a source of unique research, analysis, and primary data on the financing system for behavioral health services in the United States. SAMHSA provides estimates of public and private spending on treatment and services for mental and/or substance use disorders in the United States. It also develops a range of research and technical assistance products designed to help policymakers make the best behavioral health financing decisions.

SAMHSA Spending Estimates (SSE) Initiative

The SSE initiative examines spending estimates by payer, provider type, setting, and site of care. Comparisons include national spending on behavioral health treatment and services versus spending on all health care. The SSE initiative is designed to mirror the National Health Expenditure Accounts produced annually by CMS. SSE Reports include:

Financing Focus Newsletter

SAMHSA’s monthly Financing Focus newsletter provides information on health integration and financing issues relevant to behavioral health at the federal and state levels. Newsletters provide information on key events, reports, and legislation.

If you would like to receive Financing Focus, sign up for SAMHSA E-mail Updates and check “SAMHSA’s Financing Focus” under Newsletters.

Last Updated: 09/23/2016