Submit PATH Data Reports

PATH providers fulfill their reporting requirements by submitting annual data reports through the PATH Data Exchange (PDX).

PATH state and provider contacts submit reporting data for through the PATH Data Exchange (PDX). PDX is an online tool used to record and update information about PATH programs and services. To comply with federal grant requirements, providers that receive PATH funding must submit a PATH annual data report which collect's key information about the national impact of SAMHSA’s PATH program. The report details how grant funds are used and expended in accordance with federal grant requirements. PATH annual reports must be made available to the public in order for states and territories to receive funding.

Find Path Annual Data Reports with information on program funding, services, and client demographics.

Local state contacts are a primary resource for guidance about PATH data and the annual report submission process. State contacts receive training on PDX and how to use it to help PATH providers fulfill their reporting requirements. Learn more about PATH state and provider contacts.

Last Updated: 06/29/2017