Behavioral Health and Homelessness Resources

Find articles, videos, webinars, and other resources to support your work with people experiencing homelessness.

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Mental Health Support for Young Mothers

Learn how service providers help young mothers experiencing homelessness with recovery support.

Article 2014
Health Financing Impact on Homelessness

Learn how federal health financing laws help people experiencing homelessness with co-occurring medical and behavioral health conditions access treatment.

Article 2014
Boston Health Center

Learn how the Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center's integrated care model helps Boston-area LGBT youth experiencing homelessness build hope and trust.

Article 2015
Recovering After Disaster

While disasters are unpredictable, research suggests that many can recover through their own resilience or with mental health supports.

Article 2014
Homelessness Awareness

The National Coalition for the Homeless works to raise awareness as a key step in addressing the challenge of homelessness.

Article 2013
Mentoring and Foster Care Youth

Learn how Silver Lining Mentoring provides whole-person supportive services to prevent homelessness among foster care youth transitioning into adulthood.

Article 2015
Choices for Homeless Survival

A first-person account of how struggling to survive on the streets subjects people to social exclusion and can often lead to jail.

Article 2013
Couples Experiencing Homelessness

Couples experiencing homelessness face many challenges accessing housing and related services, and maintaining intimacy in their daily lives.

Article 2014
Culturally Competent Treatment

Learn about the important role that cultural competence plays in addressing the behavioral health of Native Americans.

Article 2013
Changing Men's Minds and Bodies

The Men’s Health Network uses outreach and awareness to educate men about how to maintain and improve their health.

Article 2014
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Tips

Learn tips for providers to support people experiencing homelessness who are especially vulnerable during emergencies and disasters.

Article 2012
Studies Back Trauma-informed Approaches

Findings from studies of women and families experiencing homelessness support trauma-informed approaches to homeless services.

Article 2014
NAMI Coordinator Shares Her Struggles

Learn what Augusta Cox learned in her recovery from schizophrenia and how she uses those lessons to help others with mental illness and their families.

Article 2015
Creating Opportunities for Youth

Homeless and runaway youth can access support services, life skills training, and transitional shelter at Boston's Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Article 2013
Cottages Support Housing First Model

Second Wind Cottages provides small, single-occupancy homes and intensive case management to men in Newfield, New York.

Article 2015
Homeless Persons' Memorial Day

Learn how Homeless Persons' Memorial Day raises awareness and prompts remembrance of those who died on the streets.

Article 2013
Raising Mental Health Awareness

The Campaign to Change Direction promotes that mental health is as valuable as physical health and one can recognize the signs of emotional suffering.

Article 2015
Yoga Promotes Mindful Recovery

A preliminary study of yoga's effects on veterans with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) suggests that yoga may reduce PTSD symptoms and support recovery.

Article 2015
Community Garden Program

Learn how a community garden program in Boston promotes the importance of nutrition and youth wellness.

Article 2013
City Inmates Receive Health Insurance

Learn how a San Francisco law ensures inmates have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Article 2014