Mental and Substance Use Disorders and Homelessness Resources

Find articles, videos, webinars, and other resources to support your work with people experiencing homelessness.

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Collaboration Breeds Success

Learn how a GBHI-SSH grantee in Cincinnati generates positive outcomes for its clients by embracing collaboration and community building.

Grantee Spotlight 2013
Partnership Improves Outcomes

Learn how a San Diego provider improved client outcomes by partnering with police on a program that replaced jail time for alcohol misuse with treatment.

Article 2013
Recovery Voices Speak Out

Greater awareness of the public health impact of addiction and expanded access to care is fueling the growth of the recovery movement.

Article 2015
Building a Skilled Workforce

Learn how to develop a skilled workforce in homeless services using evidence-based practices (EBPs) and training using real-life situations.

Article 2014
Defining and Supporting Recovery

A statewide initiative to define recovery in Georgia led to efforts to engage multiple stakeholders in understanding and supporting recovery services.

Article 2014
2013 McKinney-Vento Report

The McKinney-Vento report examines homelessness among children in U.S. public schools.

Article 2014
Yale Study Examines People in Housing

Yale University's Jack Tsai, Ph.D., examines the Housing First model and ways to help people with substance use disorders access housing.

Article 2016
Detroit Transitional Living Program

Learn how the Detroit Recovery Project provides support services to help people sustain recovery from substance use.

Article 2014
Foster Youth Study

The lead author of the Midwest Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth study discusses the advantages of extending foster care.

Article 2015
Ending Veteran Homelessness

Learn how a collaborative “boot camp” initiative for veterans experiencing chronic homelessness provided swift housing and behavioral health services.

Article 2013
City Shelter Programs

Learn how cities are providing shelter for people experiencing homelessness during cold months of the year to prevent deaths from hypothermia.

Article 2014
PHC Leverages Volunteer Network

Project Homeless Connect (PHC) in San Francisco uses education, volunteerism, and rallies to promote social inclusion of people experiencing homelessness.

Article 2014
Prevention Program Targets Atlanta Youth

Atlanta’s Learn to Grow received SAMHSA funds to develop a program aimed at reducing or preventing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among youth.

Article 2014
Teen Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse

Learn how the rise in misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, the fastest-growing drug problem in the United States, impacts teens' mental and physical health.

Article 2014
Homeless Court Helps Overcome Barriers

Boston’s Homeless Court helps people experiencing homelessness address legal issues that might prevent them from obtaining housing and assistance.

Article 2016
Mental Health Awareness Here and Now

Learn about mental health awareness initiatives past and present and their impact on our interactions with people experiencing homelessness.

Article 2015
Data Sharing Improves Service Delivery

Learn how the Community Action Partnership is helping to create efficiencies in service delivery for public service agencies in Washington State.

Article 2014
Hotline Supports Runaway Youth

Learn how the National Runaway Safeline provides confidential support to at-risk youth who are experiencing homelessness or contemplating running away.

Article 2015
Recognizing Holiday Triggers

Learn how to manage the holiday season’s challenges, including triggers of trauma for homeless service providers and the people they serve.

Article 2013
Housing First Pilot

Pilot projects are showing success in using the Housing First model to secure safe housing for survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Article 2015