Mental and Substance Use Disorders and Homelessness Resources

Find articles, videos, webinars, and other resources to support your work with people experiencing homelessness.

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Creating Opportunities for Youth

Homeless and runaway youth can access support services, life skills training, and transitional shelter at Boston's Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Article 2013
Culturally Competent Treatment

Learn about the important role that cultural competence plays in addressing the behavioral health of Native Americans.

Article 2013
Damien Center Provides Housing Services

The Damien Center plans to rebuild and expand its services to include housing for people with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing homelessness.

Article 2015
Data Sharing Improves Service Delivery

Learn how the Community Action Partnership is helping to create efficiencies in service delivery for public service agencies in Washington State.

Article 2014
Defining and Supporting Recovery

A statewide initiative to define recovery in Georgia led to efforts to engage multiple stakeholders in understanding and supporting recovery services.

Article 2014
Defining Success for People in Recovery

Two human services professionals share their perspectives on defining success for people in recovery from trauma and substance use.

Article 2014
Detroit Transitional Living Program

Learn how the Detroit Recovery Project provides support services to help people sustain recovery from substance use.

Article 2014
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Tips

Learn tips for providers to support people experiencing homelessness who are especially vulnerable during emergencies and disasters.

Article 2012
Domestic Violence and Homelessness

Learn how two Connecticut organizations partnered to address the connection between domestic violence and homelessness.

Article 2014
East L.A. Shelter Supports Women Over 50

The Guadalupe Homeless Project services a growing population of women over age 50 who are experiencing homelessness.

Article 2015
Eating Disorders Among Men

Significant numbers of men are developing eating disorders based on unrealistic body images, and the health results are life-threatening.

Article 2014
Educational Stability for Boston Youth

The Boston Public Schools Homeless Education Resource Network (HERN) helps ensure a stable education for children in families experiencing homelessness.

Article 2014
Efforts to Address Youth Violence

SAMHSA initiatives designed to promote healthy children and prevent youth violence promote a collaborative approach.

Article 2014
Empowering Change

Learn how motivational interviewing can improve outcomes for people with behavioral health conditions who are experiencing homelessness.

Article 2014
Empowerment Center Supports Recovery

The Empowerment Center in Reno, Nevada, provides a recovery-oriented system of care within a sober living facility for adult men and women.

Article 2014
Ending Veteran Homelessness

Learn how a collaborative “boot camp” initiative for veterans experiencing chronic homelessness provided swift housing and behavioral health services.

Article 2013
Eviction Diversion Program

Learn how the Eviction Diversion Program helps prevent tenants from losing their homes and how preventing evictions can help families and stretch housing funds.

Article 2015
ExpandED Schools Reshapes Education

With a 10-hour school day, free meals, and enrichment activities, the ExpandED Schools model is reshaping education for children in temporary housing.

Article 2015
Expanding Care in Rural New Mexico

Learn how the Project ECHO video teleconferencing program is helping to grow and train the workforce in rural New Mexico and beyond.

Article 2013
Family Homelessness on the Rise

Boston-based policy analyst Donna Haig Friedman warns that family homelessness is on the rise amid an ill-timed drop in housing availability.

Article 2015