Mental and Substance Use Disorders and Homelessness Resources

Find articles, videos, webinars, and other resources to support your work with people experiencing homelessness.

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Yoga Promotes Mindful Recovery

A preliminary study of yoga's effects on veterans with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) suggests that yoga may reduce PTSD symptoms and support recovery.

Article 2015
Culturally Competent Treatment

Learn about the important role that cultural competence plays in addressing the behavioral health of Native Americans.

Article 2013
Changing Men's Minds and Bodies

The Men’s Health Network uses outreach and awareness to educate men about how to maintain and improve their health.

Article 2014
Studies Back Trauma-informed Approaches

Findings from studies of women and families experiencing homelessness support trauma-informed approaches to homeless services.

Article 2014
Boston Health Center

Learn how the Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center's integrated care model helps Boston-area LGBT youth experiencing homelessness build hope and trust.

Article 2015
Child Care Help for Families in Need

Federal legislation expands assistance for childcare and early childhood education for low-income families and families experiencing homelessness.

Article 2013
Cottages Support Housing First Model

Second Wind Cottages provides small, single-occupancy homes and intensive case management to men in Newfield, New York.

Article 2015
Street Medicine Pioneer Heals Homeless

Learn how a pioneer of street medicine works to heal homeless communities while encouraging others to join him in his mission.

Article 2013
Autobiography Promotes Social Inclusion

Learn how one author turned his struggle with homelessness and depression into a book giving hope and empowering people experiencing homelessness.

Article 2015
Empowerment Center Supports Recovery

The Empowerment Center in Reno, Nevada, provides a recovery-oriented system of care within a sober living facility for adult men and women.

Article 2014
Lens on Homelessness

After 15 years working abroad, photojournalist Susan Robens returned to Portland, Oregon, to focus her lens on homelessness in the United States.

Article 2013
Community Garden Program

Learn how a community garden program in Boston promotes the importance of nutrition and youth wellness.

Article 2013
City Inmates Receive Health Insurance

Learn how a San Francisco law ensures inmates have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Article 2014
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Tips

Learn tips for providers to support people experiencing homelessness who are especially vulnerable during emergencies and disasters.

Article 2012
Juvenile Drug Courts Help Youth

Juvenile drug courts promote youth access to behavioral health treatment and services that help break the cycle of criminal behavior and incarceration.

Article 2014
NAMI Coordinator Shares Her Struggles

Learn what Augusta Cox learned in her recovery from schizophrenia and how she uses those lessons to help others with mental illness and their families.

Article 2015
Storytelling Supports Recovery

A Michigan program encouraged people who have or are experiencing homelessness tell their stories, a process that led many to gain skills needed for recovery.

Article 2013
Single Fathers with Children in Shelters

Los Angeles, California, shelter responds to increase in single fathers experiencing homelessness with children ages 18 and under.

Article 2015
Homeless Providers Partner With Police

Homeless service providers in Fargo, North Dakota, partnered with police to better serve people experiencing homelessness with behavioral health issues.

Article 2013
Carter Center Helps Shape Public Policy

The Carter Center’s Mental Health Program supports efforts to achieve parity, promote social inclusion, and influence public policy on mental health.

Article 2015