Mental and Substance Use Disorders and Homelessness Resources

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Yoga Promotes Mindful Recovery

A preliminary study of yoga's effects on veterans with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) suggests that yoga may reduce PTSD symptoms and support recovery.

Article 2015
Childhood Resilience

Learn how developing problem-solving skills, self-regulation, and relationships with caring adults can help promote childhood resilience.

Article 2014
Eating Disorders Among Men

Significant numbers of men are developing eating disorders based on unrealistic body images, and the health results are life-threatening.

Article 2014
Mental Health Support for Young Mothers

Learn how service providers help young mothers experiencing homelessness with recovery support.

Article 2014
REDF Creates Employment Opportunities

Learn how the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) trains and provides employment opportunities for people experiencing homelessness.

Article 2014
Alcohol Management as Harm Reduction

Seattle's DESC uses alcohol management as a harm reduction strategy and to assess its impact on better health outcomes, improved safety, and less victimization.

Article 2014
Educational Stability for Boston Youth

The Boston Public Schools Homeless Education Resource Network (HERN) helps ensure a stable education for children in families experiencing homelessness.

Article 2014
Walking in Daylight: A Recovery Story

Contributing writer Steven Samra shares his recovery journey and the need for improved integration between mental health and substance use services.

Article 2014
Treating Childhood Obesity

Treating children with obesity, which may create lifelong health risks, requires family cooperation and a supportive environment. 

Article 2014
Housing People With HIV/AIDS

Learn how the AIDS Action Committee in Massachusetts addresses the connections between poverty, housing, and HIV/AIDS.

Article 2014
Santa Cruz Women in Recovery

Learn how the Affordable Care Act helps support women in recovery in Santa Cruz, CA.

Article 2014
AZCEH Works to End Chronic Homelessness

Learn how the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness (AZCEH) addresses homelessness among military veterans.

Article 2014
Program for Women Builds Self-Confidence

Learn how a California program helps build self-confidence in women experiencing homelessness through empowerment and skill development.

Article 2014
Changing Men's Minds and Bodies

The Men’s Health Network uses outreach and awareness to educate men about how to maintain and improve their health.

Article 2014
Children's Mental Health

Learn how Texas grantees collaborate through systems of care (SOC) to improve access to services and supports for children with serious emotional disturbance.

Article 2014
City Shelter Programs

Learn how cities are providing shelter for people experiencing homelessness during cold months of the year to prevent deaths from hypothermia.

Article 2014
Efforts to Address Youth Violence

SAMHSA initiatives designed to promote healthy children and prevent youth violence promote a collaborative approach.

Article 2014
Campaign Changes Young Minds

Learn how a prevention campaign in Danbury, Connecticut, helped to reduce underage drinking in the community.

Article 2014
Data Sharing Improves Service Delivery

Learn how the Community Action Partnership is helping to create efficiencies in service delivery for public service agencies in Washington State.

Article 2014
Defining and Supporting Recovery

A statewide initiative to define recovery in Georgia led to efforts to engage multiple stakeholders in understanding and supporting recovery services.

Article 2014