Mental and Substance Use Disorders and Homelessness Resources

Find articles, videos, webinars, and other resources to support your work with people experiencing homelessness.

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Shared Decision-making

Learn about shared decision-making and how it helps providers and patients treat substance use disorders.

Article 2014
Rhode Island Homeless Bill of Rights

Learn how Rhode Island became the first U.S. state to pass a Homeless Bill of Rights and how its awareness campaign prompted similar efforts in other states.

Article 2014
HCEF Network of Resources for Youth

Contributing writer Gloria Dickerson interviews Laura Saulle of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund (HCEF) on its resources that support youth.

Article 2014
Supported Education Programs

Learn how Supported Education programs help people with psychiatric disabilities achieve stability and well-being.

Article 2014
Mobile Education Support for Youth

School on Wheels of Massachusetts provides mobile education support for youth experiencing homelessness.

Article 2014
Recovery in Homeless Services

Recovery specialist Gloria Dickerson says integrating recovery services and supports in homeless services helps providers recognize multiple client issues.

Article 2014
Building a Skilled Workforce

Learn how to develop a skilled workforce in homeless services using evidence-based practices (EBPs) and training using real-life situations.

Article 2014
First Step Employment Program

First Step, a three-phase job training program, helps low-income women and those experiencing homelessness in New York City find employment.

Article 2015
Network Supports Families in Recovery

The National Family Dialogue connects families of young people with substance use disorders to resources and support.

Article 2015
Journey Home Jobs Program

Learn how Journey Home in Hartford, Connecticut, helps people in transitional housing prepare for jobs in supply chain logistics and improve their well-being.

Article 2015
Boston Nonprofit Steadfast

Learn how the nonprofit group Friends of Boston’s Homeless maintained job-training and other services when faced with unforeseen challenges.

Article 2015
Mental Health Awareness Here and Now

Learn about mental health awareness initiatives past and present and their impact on our interactions with people experiencing homelessness.

Article 2015
Reducing Toxic Stress in Childhood

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that toxic stress during childhood harms an individual’s long-term health and well-being.

Article 2015
Resurrecting Dreams

The Jericho Project’s Workforce Opportunities program helps people in New York City’s supportive housing programs secure jobs that pay above minimum wage.

Article 2015
Yoga Promotes Mindful Recovery

A preliminary study of yoga's effects on veterans with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) suggests that yoga may reduce PTSD symptoms and support recovery.

Article 2015
One-Stop Homeless Services Center

The Louisiana Chronically Homeless Assistance and Treatment Services (LaCHATS) project provides one-stop services for clients in need.

Grantee Spotlight 2015
Cottages Support Housing First Model

Second Wind Cottages provides small, single-occupancy homes and intensive case management to men in Newfield, New York.

Article 2015
Child Homelessness: A Growing Crisis

Author and child homelessness expert Ellen Bassuk discusses the expanding crisis of family and child homelessness and the need for greater efforts.

Article 2015
Single Fathers with Children in Shelters

Los Angeles, California, shelter responds to increase in single fathers experiencing homelessness with children ages 18 and under.

Article 2015
Study Reveals Mental Health Disparities

Learn how a 2012 report on mental health disparities faced by black Californians leveraged efforts to revise the state’s mental health delivery system.

Article 2015