Use the interactive planning guide to strengthen your IECMHC model. Learn about successful national models.

Vision Statement on Models

The Center’s vision is that infant and early childhood mental health consultation (IECMHC) models for states, tribes, and communities will be evidence-based, data-informed, culturally responsive, equitable, and sustained. Over time, there will be consensus about and widespread use of fully articulated, national models that can be adopted and implemented with fidelity and that lead to positive outcomes for children, providers, programs, and communities.

Additional information on working with tribal communities.

Assessment and Resource Planning Guide

IECMHC delivery models should meet the needs of a particular community, state, or tribe. The interactive Planning Guide for Developing and Implementing an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Model at is a good place to start when developing your model. A text-only, accessible version of the planning guide is also available. This tool helps teams plan and develop a successful IECMHC model. While it does not advocate for any specific model, the planning guide shares core components of national models that research has shown to be successful.

The guide helps teams assess their readiness and capacity to design and implement an IECMHC model. Assessment results identify areas that are well-developed and areas that may need to be developed or strengthened further. As part of its step-by-step process, the guide also addresses key questions such as:

  • Who will lead your efforts?
  • Who should advise your efforts?
  • How will services be funded?
  • Who will receive services?
  • How frequently will services be offered?
  • How long will services last?
  • Who will provide the consultation, and what skills do consultants need?
  • How will you evaluate your efforts?

Use the following interactive modules in conjunction with the planning guide:

Toolbox Resources

The following documents and resources provide additional planning and development guidance:

Find additional resources in the IECMHC Toolbox, including guidance on:

Last Updated: 10/11/2018