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Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator

Find practitioners authorized to treat opioid dependency with buprenorphine by state.

Select a state from the map or use the dropdown lists to view practitioners by city, state or zip code who previously held a DATA-2000 waiver to prescribe buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD).

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 eliminated the waiver and extended the ability to prescribe buprenorphine for the treatment of OUD to all practitioners with DEA Schedules II-V on their DEA Registration.

Therefore, this list is not inclusive of all practitioners able to prescribe buprenorphine. In addition, please note that this list also only contains the contact information for practitioners who consent to release their practice information.

Practitioners are responsible for ensuring their contact information is accurate. To update practice information, please email and include your name, DEA number, state license number, and all new contact information, to include full address, phone, fax, and email. Please note that if you are on the Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator, you should only use a service address. If you are updating your DEA number or state license, please include an electronic copy with your request.

SAMHSA Bup Locator Map
Map of the United StatesAlaska Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Connecticut Washington, D.C. Delaware Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisianna Massachusetts Massachusetts Maryland Maryland Maine Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina North Dakota Nebraska New Hampshire New Hampshire New Jersey New Jersey New Mexico Nevada New York New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Vermont Vermont Washington Wisconsin West Virginia Wyoming Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Distance from ZIP
Address, City, Zip-Code, Country, ...
First Last Sub Type Address City State Postal Code Telephone Address Complement County Fax
Xiomara Rocha-Cadman MD/DO 641 Lexington Avenue New York NY 10022 646-888-0038 7th Floor NEW YORK 212-888-2356
Allan Lans MD/DO 155 East 55th Street New York NY 10022 212-759-5041 Suite 6B NEW YORK 212-759-5047
George Liakeas MD/DO 686 Lexington Avenue New York NY 10022 212-750-5088 Unit 3N NEW YORK 212-750-6118
Henrik Zakari MD/DO 515 Madison Avenue Ny NY 10022 212-961-6339 Suite 3800 B NEW YORK
Joel Nathan MD/DO 515 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022 212-410-9800 Suite 3800B NEW YORK 877-815-2065
Glenn Kashan MD/DO 555 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022 833-334-6393 NEW YORK
Evans Rochaste NP 157 East 86th Street New York NY 10028 718-790-4511 Suite 5 NEW YORK 646-809-8707
Andrei Osipov MD/DO 575 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022-2511 917-892-3529 Suite 1016 NEW YORK
Arnab Datta MD/DO Dr. Datta MD Psychiatry, PLLC New York NY 10017 917-397-3272 535 5th Avenue, Suite 441 NEW YORK 347-662-3815
Herschel Kotkes MD/DO 305 East 55th Street New York NY 10022 212-319-1339 Suite 206 NEW YORK 516-634-0631
Richard Arnold MD/DO 121 East 60th Street New York NY 10022 212-838-9070 Suite 3B NEW YORK 212-832-3016
Adam Mauer MD/DO 635 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022 917-977-0537 Suite 401 NEW YORK 800-798-5007
Nick Vatakis MD/DO 115 EAST 61ST STREET New York NY 10065 212-249-6829 SUITE 2D NEW YORK 718-616-1241
Gordon Strauss MD/DO 115 East 61st Street New York NY 10065 212-831-4140 Suite 11S-4 NEW YORK
Lena Verkhovsky MD/DO 115 E 61st Street New York NY 10065 212-517-5572 Suite 11S NEW YORK 212-208-0955
Glenn Brottman MD/DO 250 Park Avenue, Floor 7 New York NY 10177 212-969-1899 Suite 1502 NEW YORK 877-809-2077
Douglas Allen MD/DO 425 Madison Avenue New York NY 10017 212-245-7900 Suite 302 NEW YORK 212-409-8313
Chi Shum MD/DO 210 East 47th Street New York NY 10017 212-308-4894 Suite 1A NEW YORK 212-888-0249
Anthony Tranguch MD/DO 225 East 47th Street New York NY 10017 212-333-3986 Suite #1-D NEW YORK 202-305-9657
Lango Silvester MD/DO 435 East 57th Street New York NY 10022 212-688-7222 NEW YORK 212-888-4139
Jennifer Stelwagon MD/DO 666 Greenwich st New York NY 10014 212-879-1970 Suite 740 NEW YORK 888-421-5211
Alan Manevitz MD/DO 60 Sutton Place South New York NY 10022 212-751-5072 Unit 1CH NEW YORK 212-751-2148
Basil Pakeman MD/DO 240 E 64 Street New York NY 10065 212-308-1566 NEW YORK 212-758-1497
Victor Rosenberg MD/DO 4 Sutton Place New York NY 10022 212-832-9095 NEW YORK 212-753-7091
Nader Ganim MD/DO 57 west 57th street New York NY 10019 929-350-0840 4th floor NEW YORK 212-313-9412
Ziv Cohen MD/DO 57 W 57th St New York NY 10019 212-335-0236 Suite 810 NEW YORK 646-607-5985
Viktoriya Aleksandrovich MD/DO Medical Arts Center Hospital New York NY 10019-2802 718-373-2010 57 West 57th Street NEW YORK 718-373-2010
Komerath Jayasekharan MD/DO Medical Arts Center Hospital New York NY 10019 212-755-0200 57 W. 57th street NEW YORK 212-832-6937
Elizabeth Evans MD/DO 1790 Broadway New York NY 10019 610-724-4975 7th floor NEW YORK 000-000-0000
Gregory Dillon MD/DO Cornell Medical College New York NY 10021 212-988-5881 401 East 71st Street NEW YORK 212-988-5356
Maya Puri MD/DO Wellpsyche New York NY 10018 713-518-3686 104 W 40th St, Suite 400 NEW YORK
Jeffrey Ditzell MD/DO 65 Broadway New York NY 10006 917-612-0483 Suite 901 NEW YORK 917-591-7834
Lisa Goldfarb MD/DO 26 Court Street Brooklyn NY 11242 212-570-4052 suite 2203 NEW YORK 212-570-1077
Phillip Romero MD/DO 200 Park Avenue New York NY 10166 917-912-9666 Suite 1700 NEW YORK 646-612-7947
Kent Robertshaw MD/DO 106 Central Park South New York NY 10019 212-496-0013 Unit 18-G NEW YORK
Alexander Storch MD/DO 211 E 43rd St. Ste. 1305 New York NY 10017 646-706-7757 NEW YORK 646-706-7714
Vadim Surikov MD/DO 211 East 43rd Street New York NY 10017 201-691-7367 Suite 1704 NEW YORK 201-224-5402
Richard Gersh MD/DO 119 W. 57th Street, Suite 620 New York NY 10019 917-484-6406 NEW YORK 212-423-6534
Dana Saltzman MD/DO 33 West 46th Street New York NY 10036 212-586-7830 5th Floor NEW YORK 212-586-7831
Justin Harricharran PA 33 W 46th Street, 5th floor New York NY 10036 212-506-7830 NEW YORK
Alex Horowitz MD/DO 211 East 43rd Street New York NY 10017 212-867-8710 Suite 1305 NEW YORK 212-642-5111
Benjamin Cheney MD/DO 211 East 43rd Street New York NY 10017 212-712-8889 Suite 1703, 17th Floor NEW YORK
Michelle Widlitz MD/DO 211 East 43rd Street New York NY 10017 212-490-1348 Suite 1703 NEW YORK 212-490-1348
Militza Mizray MD/DO 360 East 65th Street New York NY 10021 212-744-6071 Unit 2 NEW YORK
Kelley Delaney NP 225 East 45th Street New York NY 10017 212-661-8934 Medical Department NEW YORK 212-661-9094
Noel Fleischer MD/DO 162 W 56 Street New York NY 10019 212-265-9797 STE 307 NEW YORK
Ward Cunningham-Rundles MD/DO 240 East 68th Street New York NY 10065 212-737-8973 NEW YORK 212-737-3624
Cheryl Seaman MD/DO 122 East 42nd Street New York NY 10168 917-687-8901 Suite 3200 NEW YORK
Jennifer Kraker MD/DO 122 East 42nd Street New York NY 10168 212-213-9286 32nd Floor NEW YORK 212-213-9410
Heather Lewerenz MD/DO 315 Madison Avenue New York NY 10017 212-868-5550 Suite 1505 NEW YORK 212-867-6280

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