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Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator

Find practitioners authorized to treat opioid dependency with buprenorphine by state.

Select a state from the map or use the dropdown lists to view practitioners by city, state or zip code who previously held a DATA-2000 waiver to prescribe buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD).

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 eliminated the waiver and extended the ability to prescribe buprenorphine for the treatment of OUD to all practitioners with DEA Schedules II-V on their DEA Registration.

Therefore, this list is not inclusive of all practitioners able to prescribe buprenorphine. In addition, please note that this list also only contains the contact information for practitioners who consent to release their practice information.

Practitioners are responsible for ensuring their contact information is accurate. To update practice information, please email and include your name, DEA number, state license number, and all new contact information, to include full address, phone, fax, and email. Please note that if you are on the Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator, you should only use a service address. If you are updating your DEA number or state license, please include an electronic copy with your request.

SAMHSA Bup Locator Map
Map of the United StatesAlaska Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Connecticut Washington, D.C. Delaware Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisianna Massachusetts Massachusetts Maryland Maryland Maine Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina North Dakota Nebraska New Hampshire New Hampshire New Jersey New Jersey New Mexico Nevada New York New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Vermont Vermont Washington Wisconsin West Virginia Wyoming Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
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Address, City, Zip-Code, Country, ...
First Last Sub Type Address City State Postal Code Telephone Address Complement County Fax
Horacio Capote MD/DO Dent Neurologic Institute Buffalo NY 14226 716-250-2000 3980 Sheridan Drive, Suite 500 ERIE 716-433-7846
Olivera Bogunovic-Sotelo MD/DO VA WNY Hospital--Dept. of Psychiatry Buffalo NY 14215 716-862-8771 3495 Bailey Avenue ERIE 716-667-0573
Kimbo Chia MD/DO 564 Niagra Street Buffalo NY 14201 716-332-0678 ERIE 716-332-0679
Frances Ilozue MD/DO 2200 Main Street Buffalo NY 14214 716-200-4122 ERIE 716-783-8825
Anthony Martinez MD/DO Erie County Medical Center Buffalo NY 14215 401-935-2067 462 Grider Street ERIE
Alison Sastry MD/DO Buffalo VAMC Buffalo NY 14215 716-862-8595 3495 Bailey Avenue, 10th Floor ERIE
Dwight Lewis MD/DO 3125 Main Street Buffalo NY 14214 716-834-1455 ERIE 716-834-1456
Winston Douglas MD/DO 755 Wehrle Dr Buffalo NY 14225 716-884-8033 ERIE 716-906-3133
Chad Strittmatter MD/DO Sisters of Charity Hospital Buffalo NY 14214 716-862-1984 2157 Main Street ERIE 716-862-1228
Belito Arana MD/DO Erie County Medical Center Buffalo NY 14215-3021 716-898-4857 462 Grider Street ERIE 716-898-4447
Yogesh Bakhai MD/DO Ecmc Buffalo NY 14215 716-898-4870 462 Grider Street ERIE 716-898-5332
Gary Wang MD/DO 2121 Main Street Buffalo NY 14214 716-832-1000 Suite 210 ERIE 716-832-1001
Frederick Elliott MD/DO Catholic Charities Monsignor Carr Institute Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program Buffalo NY 14214 716-835-9745 76 West Humboldt Parkway ERIE 716-835-6785
Balwant Nagra MD/DO 462 Grider Street Buffalo NY 14215 716-835-1246 ERIE 716-835-0396
Nabil Khalil MD/DO Margaret A. Stutzman Addiction Treatment Buffalo NY 14213 716-882-4900 360 Forest Avenue ERIE 716-882-4426
Pervez Khan MD/DO 2600 S.Park Avenue Buffalo NY 14221 716-822-2028 ERIE 716-822-2029
Mary Chima MD/DO ECMC Downtown Clinic Buffalo NY 14209 716-564-3600 1285 Main Street ERIE 716-564-3605
Shahid Banday MD/DO Mery Comprehensive Care Center Buffalo NY 14204 716-847-6610 397 Louisiana Street ERIE
Mark Fisher MD/DO Mark D Fisher MD Buffalo NY 14209 716-830-1350 1207 Delaware Ave, Suite 490 ERIE 716-205-7525
Jiyeon Jung MD/DO 1500 Broadway Buffalo NY 14212 716-893-8550 ERIE 716-893-4020
Sarah Abdelsayed MD/DO 462 Grider Street Buffalo NY 14216 716-831-8612 ERIE
Raul Vazquez MD/DO 564 Niagra Street Buffalo NY 14201 716-882-0366 ERIE 716-884-8096
Hongbiao Liu MD/DO 656 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo NY 14222 716-204-7458 ERIE 716-204-5673
Nabil Khalil MD/DO Clinical Research Center Buffalo NY 14203 716-887-2485 1021 Main Street ERIE 716-887-2250
Peter Margulis MD/DO Lake Shore Behavioral Health Buffalo NY 14202 585-468-2173 255 Delaware Ave ERIE 585-468-2172
Daniel Molloy MD/DO 1500 Broadway Buffalo NY 14212 716-893-8550 ERIE 716-923-7161
Paula Leszak NP 486 North Legion Drive Buffalo NY 14210 716-822-8932 ERIE 716-828-0804
Paula Brudo-Jurek NP Evergreen Health Buffalo NY 14201 716-847-2441 206 S. Elmwood ERIE 716-847-2715
Dalip Khurana MD/DO 397 Louisiana Street Buffalo NY 14204 716-847-6610 ERIE
Benjamin Matson MD/DO Elm & Carlton Buffalo NY 14263 716-845-1300 ERIE 716-845-7632
Gary Wysocki PA 397 Louisiana St Buffalo NY 14204 716-847-6610 Mercy Comprehensive Care Center ERIE 716-854-3052
Keira Mccarthy NP 565 Abbott Road Buffalo NY 14220 716-200-8865 ERIE
Ross Guarino PA 2560 Walden Terrace Buffalo NY 14225 716-288-5997 #104 ERIE
Ted Andrews MD/DO 219 Bryant Street Buffalo NY 14222 716-878-7355 ERIE 716-878-7185
Sandhyaben Parikh PA 430 Niagara Street Buffalo NY 14201 716-983-3321 ERIE
Julie Fasanello NP 77 Goodell Street Buffalo NY 14203 716-898-4309 ERIE 716-898-4424
Michele Frech MD/DO 155 lawn avenue Buffalo NY 14207 716-875-2904 ERIE 716-941-6537
Deborah Valente NP 76 Humboldt Parkway Buffalo NY 14214 716-835-9745 ERIE 716-205-0824
Nora Benavides MD/DO 951 Niagara Street Buffalo NY 14213 716-884-0700 ERIE 716-884-0631
Karen Kieliszek NP 155 Lawn Avenue Buffalo NY 14207 716-875-2904 ERIE 716-332-0832
Carrie Lodestro NP 40 Deleware Avenue Buffalo NY 14202 716-858-8090 ERIE 716-858-8090
Susan Nierenberg NP 155 Lawn Avenue Buffalo NY 14207 716-875-2904 ERIE 716-332-0771
Susan Drago PA 291 Elm Street Buffalo NY 14203 716-854-2444 ERIE
Leisa Mills NP 951 Niagara Street Buffalo NY 14213 716-901-0527 ERIE
Heidi Suffoletto MD/DO Buffalo General Hospital Buffalo NY 14203 716-859-1993 100 High Street ERIE 716-859-1555
Hemal Patel MD/DO 462 Grider St. Buffalo NY 14215 631-726-8200 ERIE
Christopher Biondolillo MD/DO 300 Niagara Street Buffalo NY 14201 716-242-8600 ERIE 716-332-0832
Rachel Maxwell PA 462 Grider Street Buffalo NY 14215 716-898-4166 ERIE
Cheryl Zachewicz NP UBMD Department of Emergency Medicine /Buffalo General Hospital Buffalo NY 14203 716-208-7829 50 High Street ERIE
Sarah Otwell NP 206 South Elmwood Avenue Buffalo NY 14201 716-847-2441 ERIE 716-847-2715

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