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Minority Fellowship Program (MFP)

The Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) aims to reduce health disparities and improve behavioral health care outcomes for racial and ethnic populations.

Become an MFP Fellow

MFP fellowships are open to people pursuing master's or doctoral degrees in various fields of behavioral health. Through seven national behavioral health organizations selected by Congress to administer the program, some 200 MFP fellows are awarded educational scholarships and receive training each year under the program.

Learn how to become an MFP fellow.

MFP Coordinating Center (MFPCC)

The MFPCC is a resource center that provides technical assistance and program support to SAMHSA staff and MFP grantee organizations to ensure that program goals and objectives are met. The MFPCC also helps SAMHSA develop resources and Web-based networking and community learning activities for current fellows and program alumni.

Access the MFPCC.

Publications and Resources

SAMHSA publishes Minority Fellowship eNews, a quarterly newsletter for MFP fellows and alumni. Access Minority Fellowship eNews and other publications and resources, including a list of associations and other groups working to reduce disparities in behavioral health.

About the MFP

The MFP aims to improve behavioral health care outcomes for racial and ethnic populations by growing the number of racial and ethnic minorities in the nation’s behavioral health workforce. The program also seeks to train and better prepare behavioral health practitioners to more effectively treat and serve people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Learn more about the MFP.

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