Healthy Transitions Distance Learning

Find videos of recorded webinars and other multimedia trainings for Healthy Transitions grantees, including videos on social media plans and youth engagement.

The following are recorded webinars, technical assistance calls (“office hours”), and other multimedia trainings developed for Healthy Transitions grantees.

Healthy Transitions Grant Planning

Ensure that your program has a measurable impact on systems and services for youth and young adults with, or at risk of, serious mental health challenges.

Developing Systems and Services

Improve access to treatment and support by creating sustainable services, collaborating across systems, and ensuring continuity of care.

Effective Social Marketing Engagement

Increase awareness about early indicators of serious mental health concerns and promote youth and young adults’ participation in services.

Young Adult Mental Health Topics

Explore key mental health topics related to youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 25—an age group particularly vulnerable to “falling through the cracks” between systems.

Youth and Young Adult Leadership

Engage with youth and young adults to help meet their needs and ensure their successful transition to adulthood.

Family Engagement

Encourage families to play a central role in supporting youth and young adults with serious mental health challenges.

Access cultural competence and collaboration distance learning videos for all grantees.

Distance learning videos can also be found at SAMHSA’s NITT-TA Center YouTube playlist.

Last Updated: 09/28/2017