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Healthy Transitions Grant Information

Healthy Transitions grants improve support services for adolescents and young adults with, or at risk of, serious mental health conditions.

The Now Is The Time Healthy Transitions grant program improves access to treatment and support services for 16- to 25-year-olds who have, or are at risk of developing, a serious mental health condition.

The Healthy Transitions grant program:

  • Increases awareness about early indicators of serious mental health concerns
  • Identifies action strategies for when a serious mental health concern is detected
  • Trains provider and community groups to improve services and support
  • Enhances peer and family supports
  • Develops services and interventions to support transitions to adult roles and responsibilities

Healthy Transitions program strategies include:

  • Increasing public awareness and developing outreach and engagement activities
  • Creating sustainable services and infrastructure
  • Developing and implementing short- and long-term strategic policy plans
  • Enhancing cross-system collaboration at the state, tribal, and territorial levels
  • Implementing evidence-based, age-appropriate practices
  • Ensuring cultural and linguistic competence
  • Ensuring continuity of care and participation by youth, young adults, families, and communities
  • Providing screening, assessment, service coordination, direct treatment, and wraparound recovery and support services

2014 Healthy Transitions Grantees

In 2014, SAMHSA awarded Healthy Transitions grants to the following agencies:

Last Updated: 12/16/2016