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National Prevention Week in May is the perfect time to remind your community about substance misuse prevention and mental health before summer begins.

You can help raise awareness about the importance of positive mental health and substance misuse prevention by hosting prevention events. SAMHSA is here to help. Access and download our Planning Toolkit for templates, tools, and support for participating. If you have questions about how, or when, to get involved, e-mail SAMHSA’s NP National Prevention Week coordinator David Wilson at

Don’t forget to register your event on the Community Events page to share your National Prevention Week activities.

Learn More About National Prevention Week

These resources provide you with more detail about the observance.

Plan Your Event

There are endless ways to bring National Prevention Week to your community. Get ideas for hosting an event that’s right for your community.

Promote Your Event

There are many ways to promote your National Prevention Week event—from traditional media outreach to social media engagement and local word-of-mouth. Use our promotional tools, organized by topic, to reach the right people in your community.

Tap Your Community

Tap your “inner circle” first, then expand to broader groups, like your mayor’s office, with a request to issue a proclamation about National Prevention Week. These resources will help you get started.

Get in the News

News stories about your organization, event, or how your prevention efforts tie to National Prevention Week are great hooks for the media. Before you reach out to the media in your community, check out some tips and templates and use our sample radio scripts for further exposure.

Go Digital

Watch this video (2 minutes, 19 seconds) for tips on how to increase your social media engagement!

Get Visual

Another great way to capture widespread attention is through a video public service announcement (PSA). Learn more about developing and disseminating successful video PSAs.

Keep the Momentum After Your Event

Most individuals leave a prevention-focused event filled with enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference. Tap into this enthusiasm to keep the momentum going in your community long after your event concludes.

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