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LGBTQI+ Breathe: Video 2

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LGBTQI+ Breathe: Video 2
This video is intended for download and use on social media platforms to celebrate LGBTQI+ pride.

Post Copy - Facebook: Take #Pride in prioritizing your self-care. Take a moment to meditate with us! #MentalHealth #LGBT #DailyMeditation #988Lifeline

Post Copy - Twitter: Take a moment for yourself. Breathe in. Breathe out. #MentalHealth #LGBT #DailyMeditation #988Lifeline

Post Copy - Instagram: Don’t forget to take a moment to breathe and reflect! We are here to support your mental health. #LGBT #MentalHealth #DailyMeditation #988Lifeline

Post Copy - LinkedIn: Take a moment for a self-care check-in. #LGBT #MentalHealth #Stress #DailyMeditation #988Lifeline

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LGBTQI+ Breathe In Video 2 (1:1) (MP4 | 9.3 MB) - 30 seconds

LGBTQI+ Breathe In Video 2 with Audio Description (1:1) (MP4 | 9.3 MB) - 30 seconds

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