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LGBTQI+: Show Compassion Social Media Post

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LGBTQI+: Show Compassion Social Media Post
This GIF is intended for download and use on social media platforms to celebrate LGBTQI+ pride.

Post Copy - Facebook: Let’s show each other love and compassion. #988Lifeline #Pride #LGBT

Post Copy - X (Twitter)/Threads: Remember, no matter how you identify—you are not alone. #988Lifeline is always here if you need to talk. 24/7/365.

Post Copy - Instagram: You deserve to be here. You deserve to live, thrive, and be happy. We are here to help. #988Lifeline #Pride #LGBTQ

Post Copy - LinkedIn: Transgender and nonbinary youth are at high risk of attempting suicide . Learn how to be a lifeline for them. Talk with a #988Lifeline LGBTQI+ trained crisis counselor about how. #Pride #LGBT

Alt Text: A young person with short, cropped hair that is dyed in the pink and blue tones from the transgender flag colors is smiling. They are draped in a rainbow Pride flag. Text on the side reads, Hashtag Pride. Call Text Chat 24/7. 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

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