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Emergency preparedness in a sample of persons with disabilities

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In this article, authors report on the results of an online survey of 253 community residents with disabilities, each with a personal assistant. In the survey, residents provided information about their emergency preparedness, including whether they had an emergency plan. Those who had experienced a previous emergency and whose personal assistant had been involved in the development of their emergency plan had higher preparedness scores overall.

In general, however, researchers found gaps in preparedness among respondents; they note that their findings suggest the need for outreach related to disaster preparedness targeted to people with disabilities. [Citation: Gershon RR, Kraus LE, Raveis VH, Sherman MF, Kailes JI. Am J Disaster Med. 2013 Winter;8(1):35-47. doi: 10.5055/ajdm.2013.0109.]

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American Journal of Disaster Medicine