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Psychosocial support for pregnant women and for families with microcephaly and other neurological complications in the context of Zika virus: Interim guidance for health-care providers

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This document was developed in early 2016, at a point at which increases in microcephaly had occurred in several countries at the same time as the Zika outbreak in those countries, but Zika during pregnancy had not been found to cause microcephaly.

Designed for health care practitioners and anyone else providing support to pregnant women, this publication offers guidance in communication techniques; emotional and behavioral distress reactions; and ways to provide support, teach stress management techniques, and offer advice on parenting to expectant and new mothers. [Authors: van Ommeren M, van’t Hof E, Servili C, Dua T, Saxena S, and Kestel D]

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World Health Organization (WHO)