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Millions of Americans live with bipolar disorder, major depression, and schizophrenia. And, with early and consistent treatment, they can lead meaningful, productive lives.

You can offer your support for people living with a serious mental illness by sharing these resources.

Personal Profiles

Phil Y. Profile Video ThumbnailPhil Y.
Phil’s symptoms for bipolar disorder started during high school, but he wasn’t diagnosed until his early 30s. After working to find the right medication and therapist, Phil’s life is on a more even keel. Learn more about Phil’s story.

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Mike V. Profile Video ThumbnailMike V.
Mike V. has battled major depression since he was a young child. But during his ongoing recovery, he has created a “toolbox” of strategies for coping. Today, Mike provides hope to people struggling with mental health challenges. Learn more about Mike’s story.

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Victoria A. Profile Video ThumbnailVictoria A.
Victoria A. lives with schizophrenia. After being diagnosed, she set out to learn about her condition and move forward with treatment. Today, with a combination of medication, therapy, and support, Victoria enjoys a fulfilling life. Learn more about Victoria’s story.

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Dan L. Profile Video ThumbnailDan L.
Dan experienced his first major depressive episode at age 40, and it has affected every aspect of his life—from family relationships to his career. Through a combination of peer support, therapy, medication, and healthy lifestyle habits, Dan is living successfully. Learn more about Dan’s story.

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Themed Videos

Treatment for Serious Mental Illness
Staying on treatment for a serious mental illness is key to experiencing a fulfilling life. Watch this video to learn more about maintaining a healthy treatment regimen.

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Support for Serious Mental Illness ThumbnailSupport for Serious Mental Illness
People living with a serious mental illness are not alone. And, connecting with others experiencing the same things can be lifesaving. Watch this video to learn more about building support systems...

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Fact Sheets

Understanding Bipolar Disorder (PDF | 460 KB)

Understanding Major Depressive Disorder (PDF | 732 KB)

Understanding Schizophrenia (PDF | 776 KB)

Information for Use

The videos are freely available for public use without permission from, or charge by, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and SAMHSA. Therefore, their use by anyone should not be construed as an endorsement of the views, opinions, programs, or activities of the use, nor as a reflection of the views of HHS or SAMHSA.

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