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TAP Regional Contacts


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List of all TAP regional contacts.

SAMHSA Regional Administrators

SAMHSA’s regional administrators represent the agency in the national, regional, state and local communities and connect with stakeholders.

Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) TAP Regional Points of Contact

AZ Navajo Central: Gloria Hale-Showalter,, 928-674-5131

AZ Navajo North: Lemual Adson,, 928-283-2218

AZ Navajo South: Jackie Wade,, 928-871-5936

Arizona North (Hopi): Eric North (acting),, 928-738-2262 or 505-563-5118

Arizona South (Phoenix): Jim Hastings,, 602-265-1592

Billings: Barbara Parisian,, 406-247-7953

Cheyenne River: Dr. Cherie Farlee,, 605-964-8722

Crow Creek/Lower Brule: Dr. Kathie Bowker,, 605-473-5531

Minneapolis: Everett BadWound,, 952-851-5421

NM Navajo Central: Charlotte Garcia,, 505-786-6150/51

NM Navajo North: Dr. Rena Yazzie,, 505-368-3403

NM Navajo South: John McIntosh, (acting), 505-863-8332

NM North (NPA): Dr. Ben Atencio,, 505-753-1465

NM South (SPA): Casey Sovo,, 505-563-3690

Oklahoma: Catherine Fatheree, (acting), 405-605-6051, Ext. 313

Pine Ridge: RoseMarie Davis,, 605-867-1306

Rosebud: Neva Sherwood,, 605-856-4478

Sacramento: Jim Hastings, (acting), 916-978-6057

Seattle: Jon Claymore,, 206-220-7975

Southern & Eastern States: Walt Swan,, 615-564-6639

Standing Rock: Robert Parisien,, 701-854-3497

Turtle Mountain: Norma Tibbitts,, 701-477-3463

Associate Deputy Director East: Roxanne Brown,, 952-851-5430

Associate Deputy Director Navajo: Dr. Monty Roessel,, 928-871-5961

Associate Deputy Director West: Bart Stevens,, 505-563-5235

Indian Health Services (IHS) Area Offices Points of Contact

Aberdeen: Vickie Claymore, Ph.D.,, Deputy Area Director, 605-226-7341

Alaska: Kenneth Glifort, MD, MPH,, Deputy Director/Chief Medical Officer, 907-729-3686

Albuquerque: Chris Fore, Ph.D.,, Behavioral Health Consultant, 505-248-4444

Bemidji: Cleo Monette, LICSW,, Behavioral Health Consultant, 218-444-0485

Billings: Hillary Corson, MSN, APRN-BC,, Area Behavioral Health Officer, 406-247-7118

California: Dawn M. Phillips, RN, MPA,, Behavioral Health Consultant, 916-930-3981, Ext. 331

Nashville: Palmeda D. Taylor, Ph.D.,, Area Psychologist/Behavioral Health Consultant, 615-467-1534

Navajo: Jayne Talk-Sanchez,, Behavioral Health, 505-368-7420

Oklahoma: Don Carter, LCSW,, Consultant, Behavioral Health, Elder Care & Tobacco Cessation, 405-951-3817

Phoenix: David Atkins, LISW, ACSW,, Alcohol/Substance Abuse Program, 602-364-5159

Portland: Michelle Sobel, LCSW, CADCI,, Behavioral Health Consultant, 503-414-5596

Tucson: Patricia Nye, MD, LISAC,, Area Behavioral Health Consultant, 520-295-2469

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