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SAMHSA, as an operating division within the department of health and human services HHS, acknowledges and adheres to the HHS Tribal consultation policy TCP, which applies to all HHS operating and staff divisions and serves as a guide for Tribes to participate in all HHS and division policy development to the greatest extent practicable and permitted by law. SAMHSA has maintained a SAMHSA specific Tribal Consultation Policy since 2007. This document outlines the SAMHSA specific consultation process in accordance with the prescribed HHS TCP process and objectives.

SAMHSA TCP acknowledged and affirmed common goals with other HHS divisions, Indian Tribes and Tribal organizations with special regard to:

  • Reducing and ultimately eliminating behavioral health disparities faced by American Indians and Alaska Natives, and;
  • Optimizing access to substance-use and mental health services and programs in order to achieve health equity for all American Indians and Alaska native people and communities.

Read the policy (PDF | 6 MB).

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