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Strategic Cultural Framework

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The Strategic Cultural Framework is the foundation of the Tribal TTA Center’s approach to working with American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities.

In line with the Center's goal to provide Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) that honors tribal cultures and respects tribal sovereignty, our approach is informed by the Strategic Cultural Framework. The framework is driven by three principles: a vision of success, circles of relationships, and a sense of hope.

A Vision of Success

Behavioral wellness for tribal communities begins with acknowledging the effects of historical trauma, honoring cultural values, and developing a vision of success.

Visit our webinars page to view virtual TTA on the Community Readiness Model, tribal action plans, and more. Other tribal communities have successfully built capacity and used their strengths to support wellness. Many of the webinars share examples of approaches that have brought hope and healing to other communities.

Circles of Relationships

Quality, authentic relationships create the pathways to ensure the Tribal TTA Center’s work is effective and sustainable.

By working with many partners who work to support wellness in Indian Country, the Tribal TTA Center uses circles of relationships to strengthen collaborations with communities. Within SAMHSA, the Tribal TTA Center works closely with:

  • The Tribal Technical Advisory Committee, which helps create and maintain a government-to-government relationship between SAMHSA and tribal governments.
  • The Expert Panel within the Tribal TTA Center, which guides the Center’s activities.

The Tribal TTA Center provides specialized TTA to grantees in the following programs:

  • Native Connections, a grant program addressing the behavioral health needs of Native youth.
  • Circles of Care, a care model and grant program for children and families.

The Tribal TTA Center also works with many Native and non-Native partners in promoting mental and behavioral wellness across tribal communities. These partners offer a variety of resources and tools for communities to use in their prevention efforts.

Sense of Hope

A sense of hope comes from:

  • Interconnectedness
  • Cultural resilience
  • Awareness
  • A responsibility for lifelong learning and growth

In support of this growth, the Tribal TTA Center offers three levels of TTA to help communities build on the strengths and capacity they already have.

One of the ways the Tribal TTA Center supports tribal communities in building capacity is by guiding them in creating a Tribal Action Plan, which coordinates resources and programs to help tribes achieve their wellness goals.

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