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Find resources to help promote mental wellness and bring healing to your tribal community.

General Resources

Mental Health Fact Sheet (PDF | 433 KB) provides an overview of mental health perceptions in Indian Country, including myths vs. facts, and how tribal communities can begin to overcome negative perceptions.

Opioid Misuse in Indian Country Fact Sheet (PDF | 447 KB) provides an overview of how opioid dependency affects physical health, and AI/AN efforts to prevent opioid misuse in communities and villages.

SAMHSA Grants Funding to Tribes (PDF | 182 KB) briefly summarizes funding and technical assistance opportunities through SAMHSA to assist tribal efforts to increase capacity for promoting mental health.

The Tribal TTA Center Fact Sheet (PDF | 858 KB) provides an overview of the Tribal TTA Center’s approach and activities.

Suicide Prevention in Indian Country Fact Sheet reviews suicide prevention in Indian Country and how the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention can apply to tribal communities.

Bullying Prevention in Indian Country Fact Sheet describes the harmful effects of bullying and how to prevent it among tribal youth.

GONA/GOAN Fact Sheet provides an overview of the curriculum for the Gathering of Native Americans/Gathering of Alaska Natives.

GONA/GOAN Curriculum & Facilitator Guide (PDF | 1.5 MB) presents a roadmap through the GONA/GOAN journey, offering history, pre-planning resources, and a detailed examination of the four GONA/GOAN themes.

GONA/GOAN Toolkit (PDF | 1.8 MB) provides hands-on resources, checklists, activities, stories, and other materials to supplement the Curriculum & Facilitators Guide.

Steps for Conducting Research and Evaluation in Native Communities (PDF | 371 KB) provides some history of research in American Indian and Alaska Native communities and tips for successful outcomes.

The Evidence Based Practices Resource Center contains a collection of scientifically-based resources for a broad range of audiences, including Treatment Improvement Protocols, toolkits, resource guides, clinical practice guidelines, and other science-based resources.

Featured Resources

Suicide Prevention

Substance Use Disorders

To Live to See the Great Day that DawnsTo Live to See the Great Day that Dawns

A culturally appropriate guide for empowering tribal youth and preventing suicide

See more manuals and toolkits.

Drum-Assisted Recovery Therapy for Native AmericansDrum-Assisted Recovery Therapy for Native Americans

A culturally appropriate guide for empowering tribal youth and preventing suicide

See substance use disorder resources.


Violence Prevention

Mental Health Promotion

Understanding School ViolenceUnderstanding School Violence

A fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

See more violence prevention resources

One Sky CenterOne Sky Center

A website dedicated to mental health in Indian Country

See more Native-specific organizations that promote mental health

Digital Stories

These short videos, created by tribal youth, showcase the resilience of tribal communities and share stories of wellness.

The Gift (2:31)
Shares the story of Michelle, a Native American woman who found the gift of healing through the strength of her own spirit

2011 Menominee Bear Clan Story—Community (2:02)
Celebrates the survival of the Menominee people, culture, language, and ancestral lands

Together (0:30)
Emphasizes the importance of togetherness and the need for all community members to be involved in preventing suicide and substance misuse

Cultural Values Digital Story (1:54)
Describes the importance of preserving tribal culture and language in the Information Age

Indigenous Protective Factors (0:50)
Discusses protective factors for tribal communities and emphasizes the importance of promoting them to help protect youth against suicide


Note: the list of resources presented here is not exhaustive and inclusion on this list does not constitute endorsement by SAMHSA or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Last Updated: 07/10/2019