SAMHSA's Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Center

Community Collaboration Webinars

These Tribal TTA Center webinars explain how tribal leaders, youth, and community organizations can increase community involvement in wellness efforts.

To learn more about specific tools for planning community wellness efforts, see Wellness Planning and Capacity Building Webinars. To receive announcements for upcoming webinars, sign up for the Tribal TTA Center’s email list.

Webinars for Tribal Leaders

These webinars were designed for tribal leaders to share information with one another about promoting community involvement and policy changes that promote wellness.

From Silos to Circles (Community Collaborations)

Real-life examples show how communities have built strong collaborations among community organizations to work together on prevention programs.

Youth Engagement in Suicide Prevention

This webinar series emphasizes the importance of youth engagement when implementing prevention programs and services. Listen as American Indian and Alaska Native youth share their own stories about personal trauma and loss, as well as their strength and resilience as they strive for wellness.

Lateral Goodness

Lateral goodness is the opposite of lateral oppression, using strength-based language—it is a resilience factor and a way to promote positive change that empowers individuals and communities.

Research and Evaluation

These webinars explore aspects of historical and modern-day research and evaluation in tribal communities, identifying what works and what doesn’t work.

Last Updated: 09/19/2017